English language movies are screened in the original language in Poland (with Polish subs), so you don’t really have a problem if you want to watch popular English language movies.

The problem arises if you want to watch non-English movies because they are generally subtitled in Polish (or if they are Polish, not subtitled at all).

But things are changing. It is getting easier and easier to find cinemas screening non-English movies with Eng Subs. The three cinemas leading this change are U-Jazdowski Cinema, Kino Wisła, and Kino Muranów.

These three cinemas are taking the lead, each in its own unique way. Let’s see what you can expect from each of them!

1) U-Jazdowski Cinema

U-Jazdowski Cinema Warsaw


U-Jazdowski Cinema is 100% English friendly.

Located inside the Ujazdowski Castle, this small cinema (74 seats) screens both Polish & international films, with a focus on the artistic, visually stimulating, cultural side of the medium.

Almost every movie screened here is either in English or with English Subs.

Also worth noting, the website is fully translated into English, which makes it easy to check the repertoire and buy tickets.

Besides the cinema, you’ll also find the museum of contemporary art, an interesting bookshop, a good restaurant and a pub. All in the same premises. Definitely worth a visit.



2) Kino Muranow – Non-English Movie Cycle

Kino Muranow Warsaw

In 2004, Kino Muranow won the “Europa Cinemas Award” for Best Cinema in Europe in terms of repertoire. Among this repertoire, you can find an English Friendly Movie Cycle of non-English movies (including Polish movies) with English subtitles.

Find out more here.

3) Kino Wisla

kino wisla warsaw

Kino Wisła also organizes Polish Film For Foreigners, a super cool series of screening about (you guessed it) Polish Movies with English subtitles. After the screenings, there are usually meetings with the actors or with the director of the movie.  

Follow the PFFF page on Facebook to stay up to date with their events.

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