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OddUrbanThings gives you the opportunity to put your brand message in front of an active bunch of awesome people that want to experience Warsaw in a unique, personal way.

What is different about our audience?

In today’s world, it is increasingly difficult to grab people’s attention.

The result is that small and medium enterprises end up wasting their budgets on Facebook Ads, with no or little results.

Why would you waste your valuable resources trying to reach people that don’t engage with your brand? Wouldn’t it be better to reach people that are genuinely interested in your product or service?

This is where our audience differs. Our audience is ACTIVELY looking for something great to do in Warsaw (they are not just mindlessly scrolling Facebook!).

Our audience has a proactive mindset, and this makes it very likely that they’ll engage with your brand.

Our work ethics

We don’t really like to call it advertising. By working with us you don’t get just a banner on the sidebar or a sponsored post.

What you get by working with us is a close ALLY who’ll take your interests at HEART.

We want to build relationships: with our readers and with our partners.

We are the link between people actively looking for something special to do in Warsaw and businesses that are ready to offer it.

In short: we won’t recommend products or services we don’t believe are AWESOME 🙂

Interested? Contact us and we’ll send you some stats and figures.

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