Alchemist Gastropub warsaw


Alchemist Gastropub

Born from the burning desire to create an experience – rather than just another spot on the map of Warsaw – The Alchemist Gastropub shines thanks to its unique concept, attention to detail and customer service.

Set far aside from both the tourist traps scattering the Old Town, as well as the copy-paste eateries taking over the rest of Warsaw, the Alchemist Gastropub is an island of quality and character. It merges the famous English Pub culture with high-quality international cuisine.

Alchemist Gastropub

The Alchemist Gastropub: “One wall to rule them all”

The Alchemist Gastropub is also the only place in Poland where you can find a self-service “Beer Wall”, a wall straight from heaven where you can serve yourself 6 craft beers, one cider and one Prosecco.

Alchemist Gastropub

The self-service Beer Wall is not only fun to use but also very practical: you can forget about lazy bartenders, half-empty glasses or tasteless beers. Just top up your card and sample every single beer you want, whenever you want: you’ll pay exactly for what you drink.

The beer selection is constantly changing according to the taste of the customers. The amount of beer consumed is constantly monitored and new beers are added to the list to meet the needs of the customers.


International Menu with a Twist

Although it has the word “pub” in the name, the Alchemist Gastropub is an excellent choice if you are looking for a good restaurant in Warsaw. From brave dishes like the Octopus & Chorizo combination (grilled fresh octopus with roasted chorizo chunks, rosemary roasted potatoes, salsa verde, lettuce and Sichuan pepper) to more classic propositions like the BBQ Sticky Ribs (marinated, slow roasted & smoked in their Bradley smoker ribs with roasted potatoes) the menu is surprising and varied.

We recommend the smoked BBQ ribs or the steak chimichurri. For Vegetarians, we suggest the  Halloumi Burger.

Have a great Gastro Experience!

Alchemist Gastropub

Alchemist Gastropub

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