All Saints’ Day – where to go when everything’s closed

November 1st is “All Saints’ Day” in Poland. On this day, hundreds of thousands of people will visit cemeteries to lay a candle on the graves of deceased family members.

The cemeteries on this day are enchanting. If you’ve never experienced it, make sure you go visit the Powązki cemetery, the Bródnowski cemetery, or the Północny cemetery. Bring a candle and be respectful 🙂

All Saints’ Day is a national holiday and you’ll probably experience increased traffic, especially around the main cemeteries in Warsaw. Plan to leave the car at home and use public transport instead.

Also, most shopping centers will be closed. Plan to shop before the 1st of November, or if you don’t make it in time head to smaller local stores or gas stations.

Open Cafes

Green Caffe Nero(s)
Filtry Dobra Kawa, ul. Niemcewicza 3 (opened from 10:00)
Jaskółka Pl. Wilsona 4 lok. 103 (9:30 to 22:00)
Kicia Kocia, Al. Stanów Zjednoczonych 68 (17:00 to 24:00)
Relaks, ul. Puławska 48 (9:00 to 18:00)
STOR, ul. Tamka 33 (open until 21:30)
U Krawca, Siennicka 3, (10:00 to 21:30)
Wrzenie Świata, ul. Gałczyńskiego 7 (from 13:00)

Bistros and Bars

Charlotte, pl. Zbawiciela and Plac Grzybowski (9.00 to 1.00)
“Bułka przez Bibułkę”, until 16:00 in Mokotów and until 22:00 in Śródmieście
Być Może, ul. Bagatela 14, (10:00 to 21:00)
Zorza, ul. Żurawia 6/12, at (10:00 to 24:00)


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