Warsaw is not only Chopin, opera and ballet.

The city has changed so much during the last years, Clubs and bars coming and going as fast as lightning. Thanks to this guide you’ll be on top of what’s going on in Warsaw, so that you can get out and have a blast (without necessarily waiting for the weekend).



1) Łupiński, Wojcieszuk, Różalski, Sołtys | jam session

Four young, talented and great jazz musicians: Bartek Łupiński (trombone), Maciej Wojcieszuk (drums), Rafał Różalski (bass), Tomek Sołtys (piano).

Where: Klub SPATiF

Price: 10 zl ( FREE for musicians with instruments)

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2) Gabba Tallion: Neophyte // Leviathan // Danytribe // Tymon

For the first time in Warsaw, one scene will be shared by two fathers of Hardcore: Neophyte (hardcore) and Leviathan (Transcore, Psytrance, Dark Hardcore and Tekno). Joined by an Italian producer Danytribe (Techno, Acid & Hardcore), known from The Twin Artcore duo, and JuhaU from Finland.

Where: NIEBO

Price: 89 zł

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3) JazzSession #18 / Boczar / Kalinowski / Pulcyn / Frankiewicz

Another edition of Jazz Session in BARdzo Bardzo. Great Polish artists will appear on the stage will present their own repertoire: Olga Boczar, Zdzisław Kalinowski, Wojciech Pulcyn, Sebastian Frankiewicz. A warm invitation to all musicians, artists, fans of jazz and listeners!

Where: BARdzo Bardzo

Price: 10 zł / FREE for students and musicians

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4) Maciej Ulatowski

Maciej Ulatowski is a Polish pianist, composer, and musicologist. In the repertoire, he has several dozen songs from the so-called “Great American Songbook” (G. Gershwin, Cole Porter, H.Arlen, D Ellington and others), which he performs on the piano solo or with the accompaniment of the rhythm section.

Where: barStudio

Price: 30 zl

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5) Andrew W.K.

Andrew W.K. will come to promote the album “You’re Not Alone” released at the beginning of March 2018, the first with new material for almost 12 years. The content of the album is the musical essence of the American – rock’n’roll driven by contagious rock hymns.

Where: Proxima

Price: 90 / 100 zł

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6) Foonyap / Alder & Ash / julek ploski

FOONYAP is a classically trained violinist whose playing is characterized by unique sound, with experimental folk and synth-pop elements. Alder & Ash combines the elements of contemporary music with each other: classic, noise, doom and explores the dichotomies of the minimal piano and post-classic music. Julek Ploski will play experimental electronic.

Where: Chmury

Price: 15 zl

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7) Orange Warsaw Festival 2018

The Event of the next weeks. Two days of concerts, dj-sets, and fun! Just some artists: Sam Smith, Florence + The Machine, LCD Soundsystem, Dua Lipa, Axwell Λ Ingrosso, Tyler, The Creator, The Dumplings, Ralph Kaminski.

Where: Tor Wyścigów Konnych Służewiec

Price: 249 / 419 zl

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8) Baːzəl SKY ƀiƀi

It will be a very dark and mysterious night in Chmury. BAZEL from Czech Republic (dark pop and minimalism), SKY (heartcore / death r&b) and ƀiƀi (dark and synth-pop)

Where: Chmury

Price: ???

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9) Camel

A true living legend of rock who doesn’t need any kind of presentation.

Where: Progresja

Price: 159 / 179 zl

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10) Plum Green // Deviant Blues

Born and raised in New Zealand, Plum Green combines elements of alt-folk, grunge, goth, and post-rock with her dark lyrical prose and atmosphere.

Where: ADA Puławska

Price: ???

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11) Piotr Bukartyk

Piotr Bukartyk is a polish musician who plays acoustic music for almost 40 years. He wrote over 500 songs and he released 10 albums.

Where: Palladium

Price: 50 / 60 zł

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12) Sarah Neufeld

Sarah Neufeld is a Canadian composer, violinist and vocalist, member of Arcade Fire, founder of the instrumental troupe Bell Orchester. In her solo work, she combines electroacoustic music, avant-folk, and indie rock. In “The Ridge”, the artist is heading towards a minimalist, rhythmic pop, violin, and voice. Sarah will be accompanied by Resina, alias of Karolina Rec, a cellist – and composer – based in Warsaw.

Where: Powidoki

Price: 30 zl

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13) Buzz Kull & Modernmoon

Drum machines, coldwave, and analog synth. Enjoy these two bands, Buzz Kull and Modernmoon.

Where: Chmury

Price: 20 zl

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14) YES feat. Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman

YES feat. Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin, Rick Wakeman. The authors of “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” or “Changes” will come to the only Polish concert on June 3. As part of the tour celebrating the 50th anniversary, the band will play in the Sowiński Park in Warsaw.

Where: Sowiński Park

Price:  229 / 250 zl

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15) Alex Cameron

Alex Cameron is a singer-songwriter coming from Sydney. Cameron released his debut album independently in 2013, making it available for free on the website. “Jumping the Shark” drew the attention of the indie-rock world – soon after the premiere, the artist set out on a tour with alternative stars such as Mac DeMarco, Kevin Morby, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Angel Olsen. The musician made friends with the frontman The Killers, which resulted in the artist’s support in the production of five tracks from the album “Forced Witness”.

Where: Hydrozagadka

Price: 55 / 65 zl

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16) Chad VanGaalen

It seems like it’s the week of Canadians in Warsaw! Chad VanGaalen is a songwriter and singer from Calgary who plays indie-rock and eccentric electronics, garage momentum and elements of North American folk. The lyrics of his songs move between difficult and uncomfortable issues, alienation and anxiety, especially in his last album “Light Information”.

Where: Plac Zabaw

Price: FREE

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17) Train to Roots (Sardinian reggae)

Fans of reggae music, Sardinia, Italian music and dancehall! You are invited to a concert of musicians from the Sardinian band Train To Roots composed of: Simone Pireddu “Bujumann”, Michele Mulas “Rootsman I” and Giampaolo Bolelli “Jambo” who will perform the older and newest songs of the TTR band and their solo songs.

Where: Klub Hydrozagadka

Price: FREE!

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18) Father John Misty

Father John Misty (Joshua Tillman) is an American multi-instrumentalist who during the first years of his musical activity played drums in the Fleet Foxes band. In 2017, the artist released his third solo album, titled “Pure Comedy”: love, indie-rock and folk, one of the best concert of the week!

Where: Palladium

Price: 150 / 120 zl

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19) Masses (AUS, goth-punk) OLD SKULL

An interesting quartet from Australia. Gothic post-punk and anarcho-punk. Guitar, bass, keyboards and female-male vocals.

Where: Pogłos

Price: 25 zl

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20) Ayuune Sule + Huber Zemler

The African artist Ayuune plays traditional Khan and Sinyaka instruments and sings combining the musical styles of southern Ghana. Huber Zemler is a drummer and composer of free jazz, contemporary music rock, and blues.

Where: Plac Zabaw

Price: FREE!

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21) Meshuggah + Decapitated

Meshuggah was formed in 1987 in Stockholm and since the beginning they moved around death metal and prog.  Spending even such delicacies as “Destroy, Erase, Improve” and “Chaosphere”. In the 21st century (“Nothing”, “Catch ThirtyThree” and later albums), the Swedish group’s style evolved, keeping a dark and damned soul. Decapitated, one of the greatest ambassadors of Polish metal in the world, will offer their support.

Where: Progresja

Price: 95 / 110 zl

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Pure medieval music from Belarus! Stary Olsa will present of “Water, Hops and Malt”.

Where: Skład Butelek

Price: 20 / 25 zl

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23) Gaute Granli

Gaute Granli from Stavanger, Norway is the guitarist in Skadne Krek and Freddy The Dyke. With his solo project, he explores chanting, guitar, a range of effects with analog sampling and creates a dark and industrial sound. The music is freely improvised as well as composed.

Where: MÓZG Warszawa

Price: 10 zl

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24) HAIM

Three sisters, one soul. Pure Pop and R’n’B for these three girls From USA. HAIM know the meaning of the word ‘popstar’

Where: klub Stodoła

Price: 129 / 149 zl

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25) Author & Punisher/ Trepaneringsritualen / Rites of Fall/

Three bands from USA, Sweden a Poland will perform death industrial, drone and ambient.

Where: Klub Hydrozagadka

Price: 45 / 55 zl

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26) Jędruch / Włodkowski

The duet of Iwona Jędruch (gong, sound bowls, violin, vocal) and Radosław Włodkowski (analog synths, piano, flutes, guitar, looper, effects) is a clash of two different musical worlds that provokes constant dialogue between musicians in order to find their own, a new language. The interweaving of electronic and organic sounds in this unrestricted improvisation creates a space for the listener, where nothing is certain and at any moment there may be a completely unexpected turn of events.

Where: Klub SPATiF

Price: 15 zl

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27) Ben Howard

One of the most successful songwriter (and singer) of the last years. Ben Howard will perform in Warsaw, the event is sold out since months, but why not to try to find a ticket?

Where: Klub Stodoła


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28) Disposable Soma / Traces To Nowhere

From 2014, Disposable Soma is a musical project, creating progressive rock, consisting of one-time members: Agata Kozielska, Jan Smoliński, Paweł Eggert and Peter Echo. The presented songs intensely induce the feeling of a wide spectrum of emotions. Traces To Nowhere takes its name from the first episode of Twin Peaks, mainly playing heavy, multi-layered songs enriched with melodic vocals.

Where: VooDoo Club

Price: 15 zł

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29) Technocode pres. DJ Driver & Diabolomonte Soundz 32 B-day

Techno, hardcore, and trance!

Where: Metronom

Price: fb list free/10 zł

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30) Distorted B-Day: TOPS + Better Person

TOPS are a dream pop project: delicate, somewhat dreamy, at the same time raw and mysterious. And what about Better Person? Adam Byczkowski’s solo project is primarily seductive synthesizer ballads, both sensual and sinister.

Where: Kulturalna

Price: 39 zl

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31) Fertile Hump + The Saturday Tea

Fertile Hump is Magda, Tomek, and Maciej. They are from Warsaw and they play something between blues and punk; The Saturday Tea are from Warsaw too and they love to play garage and psych-rock.

Where: Grizzly Gin Bar

Price: 25/30 zł

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32) Ebo Taylor & The Saltpond City Band

Taylor started his career in the 1950’s and from the mid-70s he had become the musical director for the two groundbreaking Ghanian record companies, Essiebons and Gapaphone. Probably no other musician still alive has contributed consistently and significantly to Ghanian popular music as Taylor and to Jazz and Afrobeat sound in general.

Where: Pardon, To Tu

Price: 69-79 zł

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33) Bałkańska Potupajka: 8th birthday of Warsaw Balkan Madness

Madness, dance, and Balkan culture and music, enjoying a big pool and many surprises. Don’t miss it!

Where: ISKRA Pole Mokotowskie

Price: 20 zł

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34) R.O x Konoba

The artists met for the first time in 2015 and immediately decided to cooperate. This resulted in a hit, released only a few months later. The duo from April 2018 to January 2019 will visit 7 cities in Europe, Japan and Australia and 10th place, which will be revealed at the end of the adventure. In each of the stops, the musicians will stop for a whole month to seek inspiration in the local culture, meet people, what is finally to give the ground for the creation of the song and clip.

Where: Klub Hydrozagadka

Price: 35/40/45 zł

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SUNDAY 10.06

35) Signal To Noise Ratio + Halucynacje

Two polish bands will perform prog, dron and rock-jazz music to close your weekend.

Where: Chmury

Price: 15 zl

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