christmas markets in warsaw

Christmas Markets in Warsaw in 2018


christmas markets in warsaw



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Where are the best Christmas Markets in Warsaw in 2018? Although it is early to have a complete list, we found quite a few markets already. 

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Christmas Markets in Warsaw in 2018

In the last two months of the year, Warsaw dresses up with its “prettiest clothes” and transforms itself into a glowing wonderland full of light creations, ice skating rinks, and Christmas markets. I am so glad about all that: If it wasn’t for the Christmas lighting and the markets, the rigid Polish winter would be hard to tolerate!

Without further ado, here is a list of all the Christmas markets in Warsaw, divided into two groups: traditional Christmas markets and modern ones.

This list will have to be updated in the next weeks because some of the Christmas markets haven’t even been planned yet (it’s a little too early to speak about Xmas isn’t it? Ups… Couldn’t wait for it!).

These are the main Christmas Markets in Warsaw:

Traditional Christmas Markets in Warsaw

In these markets, you’ll find the classics: Christmas decorations, food and mulled wine.

Christmas Market Warsaw at Arkadia shopping center

20 wooden houses beautiful Christmas decor in front of the main entrance to the gallery.

When: December 06-21 2018

Where:  Arkadia Shopping Center, Warsaw


Christmas Market in CH Vis à Vis Wilanów (Warsaw)

“Vis à Vis” WILANÓW is located in the southern part of Warsaw at the intersection of Przyczółkowa and Pałacowa streets.

When:  December 01-02 2018

Where: CH Vis à Vis Wilanów


Christmas Market in the Warsaw Old Town (Barbakan)

Impressive brick walls covered in snow, a variety of aromatic food, carefully handcrafted pieces of art and magical home-like atmosphere. I wouldn’t miss a Christmas market in the Old Town if I were you!  The streets of the market are filled with 60 wooden stalls offering a variety of gifts.

When:  Nov 24, 2018 – Jan 6, 2019

Where: Plac Zamkowy, Warsaw

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The Annual Christmas Fair 2018

Hand-made crafts and decorations, Christmas cards, jewelry, wreaths, English books for children, preserves made by The English Playhouse students.

When:  December 3

Where: Syta 78, Warsaw

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SHOM Annual International Charity Bazaar

Food and products from around the world. The Bazaar is organized to raise funds for those less fortunate in Poland.

When:  December 3

Where: Jerozolimskie 65/79, Warsaw

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Christmas fair at the Botanical Garden in Powsin

A Christmas market at the Botanical Garden.

When:  December 9

Where: ul. Prawdziwka 2, Powsin, Warsaw

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Christmas Fair (Targi Rzeczy Wyszukanych)

Handmade Christmas decorations, jewelry, natural cosmetics, and more crafts made by the Academy of Fine Arts students.

When:  December 9

Where: Nowy Świat 63, Warsaw

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Modern Christmas Markets in Warsaw

In the modern Xmas markets, you’ll find design items and accessories.

Polish fashion fair – Christmas edition

Unique local fashion products and cosmetics straight from local producers.

When:  December 04-8

Where: Blue City shopping center

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Slow Weekend (Christmas Edition)

300 Polish brands offering original fashion and accessories, design, natural cosmetics, local food will gather in the industrial building in Minska 65.

There will also be creative workshops, as well as a bookstore and a vinyl market.

When:  December 08-9

Where: Minska 65, Warsaw

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Christmas Market “Wzory for Christmas”

Unique, handmade gifts from Polish Designers.

When:  December 08-09

Where: Dom Towarowy Bracia Jabłkowscy – Bracka 25, Warsaw

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Oriental Christmas Bazaar

Oriental handicraft, sweets, coffee and tea from the Middle and the Far East, ceramics, decorative fabrics, jewelry, shawls, oriental cosmetics, food products from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, China, Japan, Turkey, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran, Afghanistan, and Morocco.

When:  December 08

Where: Museum of Asia and the Pacific (Muzeum Azji i Pacyfiku)

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Christmas Market at Hala Koszyki

Selected exhibitors with unique regional products.

When: Dec 8 – Dec 22
Where: Hala Koszyki – Koszykowa 63, Warsaw
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Handicrafts, crafts and upcycling fair – Christmas edition

Handmade jewelry, accessories, toys and more. There will be a “Santa’s Workshop” in which Santa will repair broken toys.

When: Dec 15
Where: ul. Sytej i Vogla, Warsaw

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