Get to know the city from the intimate, often witty, insights of its locals (and the many internationals who call Warsaw home) while you have some laughs and make new friends.

Whether it’s an open-mic, a showcase, or a feature performance from more experienced acts, Warsaw offers a good amount of English-language comedy (often with free entrance).


The Collectives

While stand-up is generally performed as a solo act, the comedians working in Warsaw make up a tight-knit supportive family.

Stand Up Warsaw and English Stand Up Poland put on shows exclusively in English whereas Stand-up No Limits is a popular Polish collective that also offers open-mics and showcases in English.


The Open-Mics

An Open Mic is where experienced performers work to improve their sets and where newcomers (or adventurous souls) get their feet wet.



Below the popular midtown cocktail bar, an intimate basement with sofas and fold-out chairs, hosts an English-language open-mic on Sunday evening.


Local na Mokotowie

Known for its hip-hop parties and rap battles, this spacious up-scale venue opens its stage to comedy (generally on Thursday nights) with one week in Polish, one week in English.


Resort Komedii


An institution for Polish improv, once a month they hand over their stage to English Stand Up Poland for a highly anticipated open-mic hosted by a member of the collective.


Other Venues

Club Boho 22

Central location, outdoor seating, comfortable and stylish bar area; the downstairs theatre, with high quality sound and lights,creates a cozy atmosphere for comedy, improv and theatre events.


Centrum Zarządzania Światem

Located on the east side of the river in the Praga district, the ground floor hosts a popular bistro-style restaurant, renowned for its good service and excellent quality-price-ratio, while downstairs boasts a large bar, stage, and room which seats 100 people comfortably.


Featured performers

Michaël Wertenberg

French-American author and performer, he likes his comedy like he likes his coffee: dark and weird.


Dave Rygielski

Having spent half his life in Poland, half in England, Dave casts a unique perspective on a variety of topics with an acerbic and sardonic style surprising for a man of only 25.


Filip van der Brym

Raised between his native Poland and the US, after studying law in the Netherlands he returned to Poland to do comedy (as any aspiring basketball player would); Filip’s comedy is as unpredictable as are his life decisions.


Grzegorz Sykała

A veteran of the stage, having worked as a host, musician and now stand-up comic in both English and Polish, Grzegorz delights audiences with physical comedy, confessions, self-reflection and insightful observation.


Andrzej Sosnowski

Born immediately after the Chernobyl explosion, Andrzej’s life, half spent in England and half in his native Poland, is a fitting wake of disaster fallout; his comedy, however, is slightly less tragic.

Ravi Kr

Ravi co-founded and produced/performed in over 150 shows in Warsaw and other cities in Poland. In June 2016 Ravi quit Improv to focus more on his standup skills and in a short time he has performed in Warsaw, Berlin and Krakow.

That's it, for now

The list is too long and continuously growing. Perhaps we’ll see you at one of the open-mics soon, and we’ll need to add your name to the list!


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