Warsaw is not only Chopin, opera and ballet.

The city has changed so much during the last years, Clubs and bars coming and going as fast as lightning. Thanks to this guide you’ll be on top of what’s going on in Warsaw, so that you can get out and have a blast (without necessarily waiting for the weekend).

MONDAY 23.07

1) Cannibal Corpse

If you love death metal, you can’t miss Cannibal Corpse and their stories of sophisticated murders, tortures, zombies and, of course, cannibalism!

Where: Klub Proxima

Price: 80 / 90 zł

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2) Wiry / Rock / Wait / Order Of The Rainbow Girls

Rock, noise, and punk. Do you need anything else to start the week?

Where: Pogłos

Price: 15 zł (or more, if you want)

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3) Musical Improv at Plac Zabaw nad Wisłą

A group of improvisers, actors, vocalists, and musicians accompanied by composer Joanna Kucharczyk will create a unique musical performance. The performance will be completely improvised: music, dialogues, lyrics and even the choreography.

Where: Plac Zabaw

Price: FREE

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4) Debashish Bhattacharya Trio + W. Traczyk & H. Zemler

Some believe that Pandit Debashish Bhattacharya is the greatest contemporary virtuoso of Indian slide guitar.

Where: Pardon, To Tu

Price: 39 / 49 zł

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5) Tribute to Amy Winehouse

A night with one of the best British voice ever.

Where: Rejs

Price: FREE

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6) Ruiner / Regres / Existence / Total Reality

Get ready for four hardcore bands from USA, Poland, Sweden, and Germany

Where: Pogłos

Price: 40 zl

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7) Celtic dance

Traditional Celtic dances workshop in a wooden house: Irish, Breton, Scottish and those from France, or old Gaul. Your level is not important, just join anytime!

Where: Chata Numinosum

Price: 5 zł

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FRIDAY 27.07

8) Clock Machine

Electro-rock and synth from Cracow.

Where: REJS

Price: FREE

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9) Mustelide

Mustelide is the alias of Belarusian artist Natallia Kunitskaya. She creates experimental pop music & electronic music.

Where: ADA Puławska

Price: ???

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10) Lunateque

Lunateque is back! Brit-Pop, Rock, New Wave, Electro Pop, Punk, Ska and Glam Rock!

Where: Klub SPATiF

Price: FREE

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11) VTSS & Abu Zeinah

Techno and electronic music all night long.

Where: Jasna 1

Price: 15 zł

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12) Uchem po mapie: Palestyna – Sabîl

The Embassy of Traditional Music invites you to an event “Uchem po mapie”: workshops and concert of Sabîl.

Rooted in the classical Arab inheritance and fed with Sufi mystics, their creations explore new sounds, colors,  rhythms – taking oriental music to areas never reached before.

Where: Ambasada Muzyki Tradycyjnej

Price: 25 zł

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13) Spatinuit Avec Caroline Et Veronique

Weronika Chodakowska (pianist) and Karolina Gutowska (violinist) will play some of the most important works from Polish (and international) composers of the Romantic era.

Where: Klub SPATiF

Price: 30 zł

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14) Kiasmos

KIASMOS was started in 2009 by Icelandic BAFTA-winning composer ÓLAFUR ARNALDS, known for his unique blend of minimal piano and string compositions with electronic sounds, and JANUS RASMUSSEN from the Faroe Islands, known as the mastermind of the
electro-pop outfit Bloodgroup.

KIASMOS DJ Set offers memories of wild and free minimal techno nights and 90s synths as well as childhood bonfires on the countryside. It carries light beats as well as unexpected compositions, organic structures and sound experiments, involving various instruments or even clicking fingers and mechanical clattering. It’s cozy but sexy. Vibrant but soothing at the same time.

Where: ISKRA Pole Mokotowskie

Price: 50 / 55 zl

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15) Summer Jazz Evening

A relaxing evening of Jazz surrounded by the bohemian atmosphere of W Oparach Absurdu.

Where: W Oparach Absurdu

Price: FREE

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SUNDAY 29.07

16) Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra

Warsaw Improvisers Orchestra is a band devoted to the spontaneous creation of music based on the principles of free improvisation. More than sixty musicians have participated in the project to this day. The orchestra enables them to play in a large, improvising band, although smaller sets – duos, trios, quartets – also form during performances.

Where: Chmury

Price: 15 zł

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17) Jazzowe Wtorki / Joanna Kucharczyk Quartet

Jazzowe Tuesdays in Grunt and Woda invite you to the concert Joanna Kucharczyk Quartet.

Where: Grunt i Woda

Price: FREE

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18) Daniel Toledo Quartet

Jazz, improvisation and good vibes!

Where: Klub SPATiF

Price: 30 / 40 / 50 zł

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19) Leski

The music of the polish artist is a combination of different styles and intriguing texts. It’s guitar, calm, slightly folk sounds with a touch of electronics.

Where: Cud nad Wisłą

Price: FREE

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20) BootyJive

The BootyJive cook up a highly explosive mix of Funk and Jazz.

Where: Skład Butelek

Price: 20 zł

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21) Techno nad Wisłą

Techno hits and party for a classic Love Parade!

Where: Pomost 511

Price: FREE

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22) I Am Giant

After 10 years of career, the New Zealanders from I Am Giant decided to say goodbye to the fans of the album and the world tour.

Where: Klub Hydrozagadka

Price: 50 / 60 zł

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