The Foodie’s Guide to Muranów & Żoliborz

I love exploring Warsaw in the warm summer months, but in the winter, I detest going more than a kilometre or two from home. Consequently, I really got to know the neighbourhood I live in, so I’ve compiled the best restaurants to visit in the Żoliborz and Muranów.

I would never hazard to say that this is the complete list of restaurants in the Żoliborz area, but I hope you can find a new place to try next time you’re finding yourself near Dworzec Gdański.

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 Sakana Sushi Bar

Photo Credit: Sakana Sushi

This restaurant is right off Rondo Radosława.  The menu isn’t in English, but all of the chefs speak English and are happy to recommend something. You can simply name a fish or ingredients you don’t want they’ll make something custom.

If you’re not into sushi, they do have other hot dishes to try as well as foodie favourites like poke bowls.

It’s a bit pricier, but if you want to splurge on a good meal, this is a great place to blow some złoty.

Address: Burakowska 5/7, 00-001

It can be a bit tough to find, but it’s in the courtyard on the right side past the wine shop.

Bonus: There’s a trampoline in the courtyard in the summer. I recommend jumping before the meal.


Photo Credit: Mahgreb

If you’re into hidden gems, then you’re in for a treat. You’ll need to head down a path off of ul. Burakowska that looks like it leads to a car repair shop. While you’re walking, you may feel that this can’t possibly be right – trust me, it is.

“Maghreb” is famous for Moroccan food, so they have plenty of couscous and spiced meat dishes. However, the food isn’t very spicy, so if you prefer a milder international food experience, this is a good choice.

Address: Burakowska 9, 01-066

Trattoria Murano

Photo Credit: Trattoria Murano

When I hear criticism about Muranów, it’s usually:

  • It’s too modern
  • It’s full of older people

This restaurant may fall into the former category. It’s close to the GBC buildings, so it fits into the sleek vibe. The Italian kitchen is surprisingly good for its modern surroundings. One dish that I’d recommend is the pappardelle all’amatriciana, which is a pasta dish with pancetta with a bit of a kick.

Address: lok. U26, Pokorna 2, 00-199


Photo Credit: Porananas

This is a great place for breakfast. There are a dozen or so types of naleśniki and classic breakfast dishes. One of my favourites is the szpinak / lazr / pomidorki cherry (Spinach / cheese / cherry tomatoes) crepes. The cheese sauce is really rich and delicious.

If you’re headed out on the weekend, it tends to be less busy than its more famous neighbour, Kawiarnia Fawory.

Address: Mickiewicza 17, 00-001

Ósma Kolonia/Secret Life Café

A hearty vegan/vegetarian option in Żoliborz, with a restaurant (Ósma Kolonia) and a café with cakes and coffees (Secret Life Café) in the same building. This is a great place for a guilt-free meal or snack in the heart of Żoliborz. The only caveat is that although the two sister restaurants are next to each other, you can’t order coffee on the restaurant side and no full meals on the café side.

Address: Słowackiego 15/19, 01-592

Targ Śniadowy

Photo Credit: Targ Śniadowy

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fantastic outdoor weekend market. This is more of a summertime activity since it’s a farmer’s market with food trucks. You can find everything from snails to Cuban sandwiches, so there’s something for everyone. If food trucks aren’t your thing, you can always buy your own fresh eggs and bread to make your own meal.

Address: Aleja Wojska Polskiego 4, 01-524

What are your favorite places in the area? I always love finding new gems, so comment below!

At OddUrbanThings we strive to make your life in Warsaw easier and more exciting.

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