Where is the lost street art gallery of Forty Bema?

Forty Bema Warsaw street art

I am at the Fort Bema bunkers for a reason. I want to find the mysterious works of art I discovered online and bring it back to life with my own pictures.

The problem is, however, that nobody – not even the group of twenty-something barbecuing in front of the entrance – seems to know where these graffitis are.

Also, the bunkers are dark and abandoned.

To enter or not to enter? As I stand on the threshold of the bunker and look inside, I keep imagining crack heads, corpses, zombies, and other unearthly creatures. Why would I ever want to get inside? Why would I risk my life venturing in an abandoned shady fortress?

As I look at the other side though – towards the beautiful park of Fort Bema in Warsaw – I notice that the weather is perfect, the sun shines through the treetops and a group of kids is joyfully jumping the rope just a few hundreds of meters away. What could possibly go wrong? I gather the courage and take a long step inside.

Shattered glass cracks under my feet as I advance towards the unknown depths of the deserted bunker. The lame torch of my phone barely illuminates what’s hidden behind the corners, which is usually just (more) broken bottles and spider webs (nope, no zombies or crack addicts hiding). As I dive deeper into the shadows of the fort, the air gets chilly and humid.

There is plenty of mind tripping corridors and dark rooms…

Forty Bema Warsaw street art

The first sign of graffitis, and some humor…

Forty Bema Warsaw street art

Better yet! Now, that’s interesting…

Forty Bema Warsaw street art

Hell yeah, I must be on the right track…

Forty Bema Warsaw street art

Spooky stuff, I wish somebody made a room escape in here. It would be freaking amazing…
Forty Bema Warsaw street art

Where am I?…

Forty Bema Warsaw street art

UGH.. And where am I going?

Forty Bema Warsaw street art

Oh god. The shadow of the fears I managed to kick away is slowing crawling back…

Forty Bema Warsaw street art

Ok, enough is enough… Gotta get out of here…

Forty Bema Warsaw street art

Straight way to safety 🙂

Forty Bema Warsaw street art

Where is the street art gallery?

Unfortunately, the street art gallery I was looking for simply doesn’t exist anymore.  The gallery was part of the “Projekt FORTY FORTY” which ended two years ago (due to the lack of funding). I managed to contact the organizer and he hopes he’ll manage to find the money to organize it again next year.

It was a worthy (and Odd) little adventure, but I wouldn’t really suggest you replicate it.

I would, however, suggest you visit the Fort Bema Park.  The massive bunkers are covered by grass and steep biking paths, the perfect environment if you like mountain biking.

forty bema warsaw


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    thanks for this update! i was reading about 40/40 and was thinking about going to visit when i’m in town in about a week but now may not (since i don’t think i have enough courage!)

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