3 Hidden Cocktail Bars in Warsaw


You know about speakeasies, right? During the prohibition era in the US, a speakeasy was the only place where you could get a drink.

Illegally, of course.

Although speakeasies have lost their illegal nature, it is still SO intriguing and exciting to visit them.

Do we have speakeasies in Warsaw? You bet! (I only know two, but if you know more, please let me know. 🙂 )

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1) Weles

What could possibly hide behind that black door in Nowogrodzka street? A dark, old school basement bar that is nothing short of extraordinary! Check it out:

The spectacular crystal chandelier, the pleasant music, the fantastic cocktails and top class service will bring you back here again and again.

The bouncer at the door may not let you in if you don’t have a reservation (or you are not dressed appropriately).

Reservations: +48 602 773 997

Address: Nowogrodzka 11, Warsaw

2) 6 cocktails

6 Cocktail is one of the first speakeasy-style bars to appear on the map of Warsaw. Its exclusive vibe, excellent cocktails, and laid-back atmosphere make it a really special place in Warsaw.

It is quite difficult to find, as it is part of a historical tenement house in the center of Warsaw (in fact, it used to be the owner’s family home!).

Call the “secret” number and the owner will tell you what to do in order to find it.

Reservations: +48 606 696 915 (secret number)

Address: Mokotowska 57, Warsaw


To enter "Charlie" you have to go through the gate of a tenement house, then up the stairs to the first floor. You will find several rooms, but the heart of the place is where the cocktail bar is.

Enjoy custom made cocktails as well as signature cocktails and world classics. Cocktails are prepared on quality alcohols by top bartenders.


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