Invisible Exhibition in Warsaw – the best “off the tourist path” experience?

As every bit of light disappears, you’ll find yourself looking into the void, your eyes struggling in a hopeless fight against a total, thick, inevitable darkness. You’ll take small frightened steps towards the unknown, your hands grasping the air in front of you.

Simple questions will puzzle your “information-deprived” brain: how big is the room? What is its shape?  Am I going to awkwardly hit objects on my way?

What is the Invisible Exhibition?

In our daily life, we rely on our vision more than we realize. Our eyes bombard our brain with so much information that we don’t notice much all the other senses. Yet, by switching off the lights for just one hour we can learn more about the world of a blind person than with a thousand words.

At the Invisible Exhibition, you’ll do exactly that. For about 60 minutes you’ll go on a unique journey in the life of a blind person.

The initial phase can be particularly disorienting and you will likely feel a complete loss of control. But as you walk through the different rooms you’ll surrender to the darkness and eventually accept it.

You’ll deal with simple tasks and you’ll understand the kind of problems that a blind person has to face on a daily basis. You’ll also learn what is the best way to help a blind person. The most rewarding takeaway, however, is to realize that life in darkness can be lived beautifully and fully.

My attempt to describe what will happen to you during the exhibition is silly at best. The truth is that what you will experience is largely up to you and your guide.

I warmly suggest you pay them a visit or maybe even two. The second time could be a completely different experience according to your own mood and the guide who will accompany you.

Be aware

Attention: If you want an English-speaking guide, DO NOT book your ticket through the online form on the website. Instead, send an email with your preferred date and time to [email protected] – in the email title write: TOUR IN ENGLISH

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