Squirrel Lazienki Park Warsaw

Łazienki Park in Warsaw – a special gem in Warsaw’s center

Łazienki Park Warsaw
Canal next to the “Palace on the Isle” in Łazienki Park.

The Łazienki Park in Warsaw was originally designed as a bath park in the 17th century and then converted into a royal summer residence by King Stanisław August. Today, it is the largest public park in Warsaw, an important venue for music and culture and a must-see for architecture and nature lovers.

Whenever you go, Łazienki Park has something to offer you.

Łazienki Park in Spring and Summer

In spring and summer, the park is an explosion of life.

Vibrant multicolored tulips, the infinite shades of green treetops, the tweet of birds, the company of red furred squirrels and the reflection of the buildings in the lake are the perfect muse for any artist.

Bring your own food and a blanket. Sit on the grass and enjoy a FREE classical music concert (on Sundays at 12.00) next to the Chopin monument (more info at the end of the post).

Łazienki Park in Autumn

In Autumn you might miss the free Chopin concert, but the park is an explosion of colors.

The once green trees are now a dazzling mix of ambers, reds, and yellows. The cheerful tweets of birds surrender to the quiet whisper of dry leaves. This is THE period of the year to get your camera out. Make sure to be here at the edge of the day, at sunset or sunrise, to get the best out of your pictures.

November is a great month to visit because all the buildings in the park are FREE to visit.

Squirrel Lazienki Park Warsaw
Red squirrels are super curious and come incredibly close!

Łazienki Park in Winter

Łazienki Park in winter may not burst with colors as in other seasons, but its beauty persists.

The white snowy landscape marries perfectly with the creamy architecture. The red squirrels, now more active than ever, leave tiny footprints as they sprint on the snow.

Remember to dress up properly, as winters in Warsaw can be particularly rigid. If you get too cold, warm up with a tea at “Trou Madame” – the tea house near the Palace on the Isle – or visit one of the many buildings in the park.

If you are in Warsaw in February (check the exact dates here, they are different every year) you shouldn’t miss the “Winter Evening of Light”, an event that is held in Łazienki Park every year for the past 5 years. At the festival, you will be surrounded by suggestive lighting, classical music (Bach, Haydn, Mozart, and Handel) and actors dressed in traditional costumes. In the last edition in 2017, thousands of people joined the festival! If you want to really feel like a local you should bring your own lantern.

Check out more about the Winter Evening of Light.

What can you do in Łazienki Park?

Once inside Łazienki Park, you will easily forget you are in the center of a European capital. This massive park, covering about 76 hectares (which is about 120 football fields), is also home to a variety of buildings worth visiting (Palace on the Isle and Myślewicki Palace are particularly interesting museums).

In the Łazienki complex, there are several museums and buildings that you can visit all year around. Plan at least three or four hours to visit. In Summer, I would recommend a longer stay because of the Chopin concert.

Keep reading for an overview of things to do in Łazienki Park.

Spot the animals!

Besides hundreds of squirrels, you can also spot a roe deer, peacocks, martens, weasels, numerous species birds and foxes.

peacock Lazienki Park Warsaw
A Peacock, it doesn’t look so happy to see me!

The roe deer (“sarna” in Polish) is a single lady deer that has been living in the park for the past 10 years.

If you want to see her, you should go around the Old Orangery. If you are lucky enough to spot her, try to get closer. She is not so afraid of humans!

Visit Palace on the Isle

Palace on the Isle Łazienki Park
Palace on the Isle. View from the North.

The Palace on the Isle, once a Baroque Bathhouse pavilion, was transformed into today’s beautiful neoclassical building by King Stanisław August. The palace on the isle hosts a collection of 140 paintings, mainly from Flemish schools.

Walk to the Amphitheatre

Amphitheatre Łazienki Park
Statue by the Amphitheatre in Łazienki Park

Walking south along the lake you will find the Amphitheatre. Stylized as the ruins of a Roman theater, it was actually built in 1791, for the anniversary of King Stanislaw August coronation. It’s a nice place to stop, sit and enjoy the view of the Palace on the Isle.

Visit Myślewicki Palace

Myślewicki Palace Łazienki park Warsaw
Myślewicki Palace in Łazienki Park

Myślewicki Palace, with its characteristic semi-circular shape, was originally planned as the King’s primary residence. The king however never actually lived there, as he preferred the Palace on the Isle.

Myślewicki Palace Łazienki Park Warsaw
Myślewicki Palace interior. Well preserved original polychromes by Jan Bogumił Plersch

Today, it hosts a variety of paintings and statues. Remarkable and worth noting are the well preserved original polychromes by Jan Bogumił Plersch, depicting Rome and Venice.

Check out The Royal Sculpture Gallery and the theater in The Old Orangery

The Old Orangery walls are covered with beautiful paintings which were discovered just a few years ago! Before being uncovered the walls were painted over with a terrible shade of green.

Worth seeing in the old orangery is the Royal Theatre. There are only a few authentic eighteenth-century court theaters in Europe and the Royal Theatre is the only one of its kind in Poland.

More info about Łazienki Park

A lot of people enjoy feeding squirrels, peacocks and ducks (for some reasons nobody cares about the pigeons), technically, though, this is not permitted. I’ve never seen anybody getting kicked out for doing this (and yes, squirrels love nuts).

Cycling, skating etc. is not allowed inside the park, but I wish so much it would be.

Pets are not allowed.  

Even though the name “Łazienki Park” literally translates as “the Bath’s Park”, the bathrooms aren’t many or easy to find. Taking a picture of the map at the entrance could help.

Summer concerts last from the 15th of May until the 25th of September. They are held every Sunday at 12.00 and 16.00. Get there early to secure a good spot.

The access to the park is free all year around but each building has its own price. For an overview of the prices go here. Consider getting a pass.

Entrance to ALL buildings is FREE on Thursday! Better to go in the morning if you can, as afternoons get busy. The entrance to all buildings is FREE every day of November.

Łazienki organizes a lot of events such as drawing classes, drawing for kids and the guided tours “the secret of Łazienki”. Find out more here.

Phone number for reservations: (+48) 22 50 60 028 (+48) 22 50 60 183

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Squirrel Lazienki Park Warsaw
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