pedestrian bridge warsaw

Pedestrian/bicycle bridge to be built in 2019. We know the design!

pedestrian bridge warsaw

The design of the bridge was the result of an international competition, ultimately won by Schuessler-Plan. The bridge was designed to be a quiet and elegant architectural gem, with a form that “fits into the landscape, as if it was always there”.

The construction of the pedestrian/bicycle bridge will start in 2019. The bridge will be built at the height of ul. Karowa and Okrzei, basically connecting Praga with Powiśle.

In a couple of years, probably even before the start of the next season of Game of Thrones, it will be possible to safely cross the river from the boulevards of the left bank to the wild right bank of the Vistula.

This is literally a dream coming true!

Find out more here (Polish)

Portion of the bridge from the Praga side. Photo credit Press Release


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