polish independence day

Polish Independence Day

polish independence day

The 11th of November is one of the most significant national holidays in Poland. This date symbolizes the day in which Poland regained its sovereignty after 123 years of partition (Poland didn’t exist for 123 years).

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Did you know?

From 1920 until 1936, Poles celebrated an informal version of Independence Day. Then, in 1937, they instituted it as a public holiday. Official celebrations took place for only two years and then WWII broke out. After the WWII, when Poland was under the soviets, Independence day was substituted by  Narodowe Święto Odrodzenia Polski (National Festival Of Polish Revival), celebrated on July 22 , the same day of the anniversary of the Manifesto PKWN. Independence Day was restored in 1989 and has been celebrated every year ever since.

How do people celebrate it today?

Polish flags will paint the streets of the city with red and white.

Independence Day is celebrated throughout the country with official speeches, ceremonies, parades, marches, and marathons. The most important military ceremony (and march) is held in Piłsudski Square, here in Warsaw.


I don’t want to spread panic, but every year there are also extreme nationalist marches throughout Warsaw. Avoid the areas at risk and you’ll be free to enjoy this day!


What to do when everything is closed

Independence Day, is a national holiday and therefore it’s a non-working day in Poland. Most of the shops are closed, you should plan your shopping on another day. In case of necessity, some smaller local convenience stores and gas stations will be open. If you want to visit a museum, check out this list made by Daniela Signer (thanks a lot Daniela!)

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Below you find a list of cafes and restaurants open on the 11th of November:

Cafes and pubs

Green Caffe Nero

Bułkę przez Bibułkę,

Być Może


Filtry Dobra Kawa


Kicia Kocia



U Krawca

Wrzenie Świata


The Alchemist Gastropub


Ave Pizza

Beirut Hummus & Music Bar

Biała – zjedz i wypij



Der Elefant

Hala Koszyki

Hala Gwardii

Izumi Sushi Biały Kamień

Kraken Rum Bar


Lokal Vegan Bistro

Momencik Vegan Burritos & Tacos


Polska Różana






The Cool Cat

U Fukiera


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At OddUrbanThings we strive to make your life in Warsaw easier and more exciting.

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