The Warsaw Improv Festival 2018

The Warsaw Improv Festival 2018 (2nd WIFe) is an international event for all enthusiasts and lovers of theatrical improvisation and alternative comedy.

It is organized by the Klancyk Foundation and Szkoła Impro in cooperation with Resort Komedii, Kino Muranów, and Instytut Teatralny.

Klancyk are the best improvisers in Poland, I’ve seen them perform a couple of times (in English) and I am super excited to see them again!

Here is the programme of the festival:

Wendesday, 20/06: The first day of the Warsaw Improv Festival begins with the entertainment trail of Los Angeles (Cook County Social Club) – Bremen (Stupid Lovers)  – Warsaw (Hurt Luster, Klub Komediowy). Artists from these three cities will play for you four comedic, improvised performances, awakening your appetite for even more absurd, intelligent humor.

Thursday, 21/06: The second day of WIFe may threaten with a heart attack. On Thursday on the Main Stage, there will be groups with unbelievable energy and a large dose of madness – Klancyk, Pinque Pony, Tea Cocks, Jinx. A day for viewers who value sharp humor.

Friday, 22/06starts the festival weekend. This is the only and exceptional evening during the festival when we will watch groups from Poland improvising in Polish. This time on the main stage Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw, a lot of music and special guests.

Saturday, 23/06:  the fourth day of the Festival, the last performances on the Main Stage. That day we will see the world’s improvisation in a nutshell. You can see Polish and American artists, their comedies, styles and endless amounts of energy. On the stage also a solo comedy and a duet: Patti Stilles and Hofesinka,

The Main Stage will at Kino Muranów (ul. Andersa 5) and the 2nd stage at Resort Komedii (ul. Bielańska 1).

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