Widely regarded as one of Europe's most underrated cities by travel writers, Wrocław is making more of a name for itself every year. It's high time to take in this Polish gem; the place won't remain a secret for long.

Wrocław's history is illustrious yet also tragic. Over the years it has passed hands between Slavs, Germans, and Poles to name a few - creating a rich city with varied architecture.

Boasting countless bridges, an enchanting market square, quaint green spaces, and a bustling nightlife, there's something here for everyone. It's relatively inexpensive too, which makes it perfect for a bargain, guilt-free city break.

1) Things to do in Wrocław Poland: Visit the Wrocław Rynek

Wrocław's glorious market square is the first port of call for almost every traveler, and not without reason. Spanning an incredible 213 by 178 meters, the Rynek boasts splendidly reconstructed architecture from across the centuries, a buzzing people-friendly atmosphere and a near-constant stream of summer performance art.

That said, despite being one of the grandest market squares in Europe, it hasn't been completely overrun by tourists. So there's no better time for you to embrace the Rynek's charms.

To partake in some Rynek people-watching without burning your wallet, snub the tourist-trap restaurants and park yourself in the quaint beer garden of local bar Literatka. Alternatively, pay a visit to legendary brewpub Spiż - one of the few places that sold good beer prior to the craft revolution. If it's rather chilly during your visit, both bars have cozy interiors too.

2) Things to do in Wrocław Poland: Explore the surroundings of Hala Stulecia

For a refreshing change of scenery from the old town, nothing beats a visit to the surroundings of Wrocław's Hala Stulecia. The area around Max Berg's Breslau-era concrete dome is packed with lush greenery and quality attractions for kids and adults alike.


The Pergola we Wraclawiu is an outstanding  640 m long structure composed of a total of 750 reinforced concrete poles, most of which are completely covered in vines. It is a perfect place to take a break and have a relaxing stroll in the heat of summer.

Hala Stulecia

History buffs can get their fix at Hala Stulecia's fascinating Cognitive Centre, which tells the dramatic story of Wrocław's past.

The WUWA neighborhood

Meanwhile, those into architecture would be well advised to check out the reconditioned Wuwa neighborhood - an area lined with unique Deutscher Werkbund buildings from the 1930s.

Wrocław Zoo

For Kids, there's Wrocław's Zoo's state-of-the-art Afrykarium complex, which operates all year round. On top of that, you can enjoy the light & water show at Pergola's magical multimedia fountain - a must-see after sundown.

Japanese Garden

Last but not least, don't forget to take in the dazzling Japanese Gardens. Dating back to 1913, the picturesque gardens' alluring backdrops are a massive hit with local wedding photographers.

3) Things to do in Wrocław Poland: Stroll in the Ostrów Tumski

Ostrów Tumski is an unspoiled part of Wrocław that makes for a perfect escape from the old town's hustle and bustle.

Start your stroll at the lovable Tumski Bridge, famous for its lovers’ padlocks, then wander up the cobble-stoned street to St. John the Baptist’s Cathedral.

On your way up, take a pleasant diversion by cutting through the gate by Lwia Brma restaurant. It brings you to a sleek garden offering showstopping views of the Odra and all the Wrocławians chilling-out along Dunikowskiego Boulevard.

An additional Ostrów Tumski charm comes at sunset when Wrocław’s lamplighters come out to play. Every evening the neighborhood's 103 gas lamps are personally lit, a tradition that heralds back to 1846. To catch this magical moment, be on Katedralna street when the sun comes down.

You can also compliment your visit to this most quaint of districts by indulging in some ice cream from Polish Lody - arguably the best ice cream parlor in the city. Be warned though - the queue gets pretty manic on summer weekends!

4) Things to do in Wrocław Poland: Discover the Nadodrze district

An alternative for adventurous tourists is the blossoming district of Nadodrze. The area's main draw is its early-20th-century architecture, which made its streets the perfect filming location for Steven Spielberg's hit 'Bridge of Spies'.

Although Nadodrze still has a reputation for being a little rough around the edges, it's fast becoming Wrocław's answer to Kraków's Kazimierz neighborhood. This is thanks to a revitalization strategy that's seen a plentiful of concept stores, cafes, restaurants, and bars flock to the area.

One of those new venues you should pop into is Bistro Naroznik, an unpretentious but polished local pub spearheaded by its tireless owner. Another worth tracking down is Cafe Bema, which sports a contemporary look enviously copied by several other cafes in town. Vegans can also tuck into some dynamic grub at Wilk Syty.

There are a number of alternative shops too, including NADO Galeria Pracownia - home to ceramics handcrafted by local artists Barbara Śniegula and Kina Gorska.

Murals add another slice of character to Nadodrze, the most dramatic of which stands opposite the entrance to University Bridge. Paying homage to the area's past, the mural sports a Zeppelin and a map of the district's Breslau era city-center.


Things to do in Wrocław Poland: Eat like a local!

5) Bar Miś

To genuinely 'eat like a local' in Poland, you simply must take the plunge and eat at a Milk Bar. Many off these humble PRL-era eateries have kicked the dust since the end of communism, however, the best ones are still alive and kicking. This is certainly true of Bar Miś, which is rammed every weekday.

The popularity of legendary venues like Bar Miś stems from two key factors. The first is the rock-bottom prices - a hearty 2-course meal can cost as little as 3 euros. The second (and most important) is the modest but delicious cuisine.

Given the jaw-droppingly low prices, don't expect to find table service or English-speaking staff. Instead, consider the visit an opportunity for a genuinely local experience.

Join the masses outside the door, then grab a tray for your food. Decide what you'd like and do your best to pronounce it, then pay up and wait for your dish. Finally, when you leave please don't forget to take your trays to the designated shelf!

6) Setka

Image credit: https://visitwroclaw.eu/en/place/setka-bar-in-wroclaw

If a Milk Bar isn't your thing, Wrocław's next most 'local' culinary experiences come courtesy of casual restaurants with good-value Polish nosh.

Somewhere that permanently ticks that box is Setka, a lively budget bistro that knocks up tasty snacks and meals. The bar's name refers to a 100ml shot of vodka, which is served in here alongside some humble pickled-cucumbers.

The PRL-themed bar attracts a healthy stream of diners throughout the day. However, it truly kicks into gear on weekend nights, when tipsy party-revelers gather to sober up on Polish staples like Pierogi, Bigos, Gżik and more.

If you prefer a more traditional dining experience, just slip through to the back of the pub. A variety of comfortable booths and tables await, while English menus and table service are also available.

7) Pod Latarniami

Image credit: https://visitwroclaw.eu

Another city-center gastro-pub that's caught the eye in recent years is Pod Latarniami, located just a couple of minutes' walk away from the Rynek.

At first glance the bar doesn't look unlike a typical watering-hole in the UK; there's a lengthy bar, multiple beers on tap, pub grub and an interior lined with wooden tables and chairs.

That said, Pod Latarniami is undeniably Polish. The pub's menu is enriched by a plethora of traditional dishes, whether it be Kaszanka Sausage, Schabowy (Breaded Pork-cutlet) or Golonka (Pork Knuckle).

Although the food is both appetizing and well-priced, the main attraction at Pod Latarniami is its easygoing, chatty atmosphere. It just feels like a good pub should, which makes it the ideal spot to kick off an evening out.

8) Konspira

Desperately hungry souls couldn't possibly choose a better local joint to satisfy their cravings than Konspira, an old-town restaurant inspired by Poland's Solidarity movement.

The no-nonsense Polish fare here is luscious, but the gargantuan portions present a challenge for most diners - so do yourself a favor by snubbing a starter.

Just about all the Polish classics hit the spot here, with the potato pancakes & goulash combo particularly morish. Pretty much every dish comes served with a generous amount of sides, all of which do so much more than just fill up your plate. The cabbage and other side salads here are all made in-house, making them eminently more flavourful than your average Polish restaurant.

If you've been blessed with sunshine during your visit, Konspira's charming beer garden in Solny passage is the place to be. If not, don't despair. The eatery's enchanting, cavern-shaped interior is lined with images of Solidarity and historic newspaper cutouts, sparking nostalgia and explicitly reminding you where you are in the world.


Things to do in Wroclaw: Go for a drink

9) Kalambur

Arguably Wrocław's most legendary pub, Kalambur was home to a theatre back in the day. Artsy types still frequent the building attracted by the bar's antique-clad interior and anything-goes attitude.

During the week, Kalambur's cozy, candlelit booths are an ideal place to unwind in. This picturesque scene changes wildly on weekend nights when tables are frantically pushed away to allow fun-loving partygoers to take over the dancefloor.

The bar and cafe's outdoor seating area is also a congenial place to be. Shared with sister pub Kalaczakra and pizza takeaway Kalapizza, the patio garden is an ideal spot for watching the crowds strolling down Kuźnicza street. It also offers a great photo opportunity - lookout for the offbeat statue of a crocodile being held aloft by a balloon.

Kalambur's only caveat is its liberal smoking policy. On some nights even devoted chain-smokers can be suffocated by the number of people lighting up. Thankfully the management has come to a compromise on the issue, and now you can enjoy this iconic bar smoke-free on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

10) Nietota

Effervescent music venue Nietota sports the city's most original interior by far. The bar's walls are covered with colorful yet strikingly gothic artwork, in turn creating a unique background for exuberant artists to perform in.

During the week, Nietota is the place to catch intimate gigs performed by local musicians. Whether it's blues, funk, jazz, latino, indie or electro, there's bound to be something that tickles your fancy.

On weekend nights the alternative haunt morphs into party central, primarily thanks to an animated clientele whose infectious rhythms vibrate well beyond the dancefloor. The DJs play their part too; particularly local vinyl expert DJ Endless - a champion of many Polish DJing competitions.

Nietota's drinks menu is gratifying too; beer lovers have numerous craft options as well as Czech brews to choose from. Alternatively, cocktail purists can depend on the supremely talented staff knocking up something refreshingly different.

11) Kontynuacja

A beer lover's paradise, Kontynuacja has rightfully earned its place on the top step of Wrocław's multi-tap podium. Curious why? To begin with, the craft-beer pub boasts more taps than any other venue in Wrocław - above 20 at the last count.

The bar's name, Kontynuacja, effectively translates as "continuation" in English. Given that the beer never stops flowing here, it's a perfectly appropriate choice. Take a look up at the blackboard and you'll see the bartenders regularly change what's on tap, listing not only the name but the percentage and IBU level of every beer.

Besides the liquid refreshment, which mostly comes from Poland's finest craft breweries, Kontynuacja's main draw is its chatty atmosphere. Wrocławians flock here to drink and mingle with their mates, sparking lively conversations that reverberate and bounce around the concrete walls.

If it's a beer you're looking for, this place is a must-visit in Wrocław.

12) Niebo

Image credit: https://visitwroclaw.eu

Looking for somewhere to party at 6 am? Well, you're in luck! Niebo is here to the rescue.

As Wrocław's clubs inevitably start to empty towards 5 am, the shenanigans at Niebo are just getting into gear. Home to heavy-drinkers, fervent rock fans, and insomniacs, Niebo has everything you'd need to continue partying well beyond dawn.

The iconic bar's wrecked furniture and dusty floors make it look like a squat, while the toilets wouldn't appear out of place in Trainspotting. Every weekend towards the early hours you'll see party-revelers headbanging to Nirvana or signing their hearts out to classic Polish rock-ballads.

Don't let any of that put you off though – Niebo is a dive bar, but a bloody good one. Wrocław has plenty of pretentious nightclubs that look and feel the same as everywhere else. This no-nonsense place is eminently different and all the better for it.

Things to do in Wrocłw: Breathtaking Views

13) Sky Tower

It's almost impossible not to catch a glimpse of Wrocław's solitary skyscraper, irrespective of where you are in the city. If you are curious as to what the view is like 49 floors up, the good news is that the building's viewpoint is open 7 days-a-week from morning until early evening.

Tickets can be purchased at the rear entrance of Sky Tower's petit shopping center. The one-minute lift journey only departs every thirty minutes though, so it pays to arrive on time to avoid loitering around Sky Tower's dull shopping mall.

Once you are up top, the views extend for miles; you can easily catch a glimpse of Ślęża mountain, which is some 30km away. Given it dwarfs just about every other building in the city, Sky Tower offers views of almost all Wrocław's major landmarks too.

There are nonetheless some caveats to consider. The viewpoint is not close enough to the city center to provide prime, detailed views of the old town. It also costs 18zł, which may seem a tad steep for those on a budget.

14) Mathematical Tower At Wrocław University

Another place that offers fine views of the city is the Mathematical Tower on the roof of Wrocław University.

The 42-meter tower is part of the University complex that also includes the must-see Aula Leopoldinum room. Tickets for adults cost just 10zł, which is a bargain given the sheer beauty of the Aula Leopoldinum and the tower's magnificent view of Wyspa Słodowa.

One of the major attractions of this particular viewpoint is the fact it is completely unobstructed. There are no windows or bars in the way and you can comfortably walk around to get a wonderful 360° view. Floorspace is plentiful, while there is never a feeling that you need to rush your time there.

Another bonus is the viewpoint's location. The tower is just a short walk from the market square, which means it's easy to get to and boasts pristine views of Wrocław's old-town rooftops.

15) Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

For many Wrocławians, the best viewpoint of them all has to be the tower at the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. The 14th-century Cathedral was damaged in WW2 but has since undergone a series of renovations, including the tower and its breathtaking viewpoint.

The viewing area is 97 meters up and is easily accessible by lift between 10.00 and 17.30 (14.00 - 17.30 on Sundays). A ticket is also a snip at 5zł.

Once you're there, simply admire the supreme views of Ostrów Tumski, the Odra, Grundwaldzki Bridge, and the Old Town. On a pleasant and sunny day, it truly is one of the greatest sights in the city. Unfortunately, the view is slightly obstructed by a fence, but it is still relatively simple to take good photos there.

16) St. Elizabeth's Church


If it's a view of the Rynek you're after, the best place for that is undoubtedly the viewpoint at the top of St. Elizabeth's Church's 90-meter-tall tower.

Getting to the summit does involve a walk up the Church's tight 14th-century staircase. Even so, the vast majority would say the effort is most certainly worth it. The viewpoint boasts a cracking view of the north-western corner of the Rynek, looking out onto the townhall, University, and Wyspa Słodowa.

It's a viewing platform that gives even the most basic of photographers the chance to snap a picture-postcard image of Wrocław. Yes, there are some bars in the way, but it is simple to shoot between them.

Entrance costs 5zł, but note that the opening times here vary according to weather conditions and the season.

Things do to in Wroclaw: Shopping secrets!

Wrocław might not match the likes of Milan and Paris when it comes to designer outlets. That said, it offers more retail space per square meter than almost anywhere in Europe - so there's no shortage of options.

17) Shopping centers

The city has undergone a retail revolution in the past decade or so, with shopping centers springing up like mushrooms after the rain (as we say over here).

The first of these 'modern' malls to hit town was Galeria Dominikanska, which is still thriving today thanks to a recent revamp. Its popularity is partly down to its location - about a 10-minute leisurely walk from the market square.

Another shopping mall close to the Rynek is Renoma, a former apartment store that dates way back to the Breslau era. The shopping center's name translates as "prestige", which makes sense given its decision to focus more on exclusive brands. That doesn't mean you have to be minted to come here though; there are every day shops like T-Maxx too.

The city's newest and grandest shopping complex is nonetheless the Wroclavia center, which features an array of retailers tailoring to shoppers of all budgets. If all the shops weren't enough, Wroclavia is also home to over a dozen restaurants and cafes, an IMAX cinema and a bus station.

18) Discover quaint Independent Shops

Shopping centers aren't everyone cup of tea though, are they? Understandably, you may be looking to come home with an alternative souvenir - something actually produced in Wroclaw or made by a Wrocławian. If so, the good news is you have a multitude of local shops and concept stores to choose from.

When in the old town, take a stroll along the Stare Jatki passage. Once the site of a slaughterhouse, the narrow street now acts as a quaint backdrop for a string of shops boasting works designed by local artists. Nearby you'll also find a charming local store named Miejsce, which sells angelic-looking paintings, posters, and t-shirts designed by Wrocław's Andrzej Tylkowski.

Nadodrze is another awesome spot for some local craftwork. You can find old-school clothes at Cindy Vintage, handcrafted earrings at Pierce of Cake, ultra-hip furniture and accessories at DIA Gallery, as well as some colorful pop-up art in Zerka Studio. Alternatively, you can even make your own handcrafted souvenir by heading to ceramics studio Malu Mika.

19) Outdoor and Indoor Markets

If you are in Wrocław during the week, the only large market that thrives come rain or shine is the historic Hala Targowa. Built in the early 20th century, the impressive building sports a myriad of stalls selling Polish classics like kabanos sausage and cured ham. You can also get stuck into a variety of sweets, whether it be stuffed-doughnuts (pączki) or poppy-seed pastries. If that weren't enough, you can even have a cheap-as-chips meal at the market's in-house milk bar.

In recent years Wrocław has also been blessed with a pair of gourmet markets. On Saturday mornings at the old brewery, you'll find EKO Bazar. Lined with stalls offering ecological fruit & vegetables, freshly roasted coffee, preserves and more, it's definitely one to visit for food-buffs. The same is true of Wroclawskie Bar Smakoszy on Sundays, where you can take home delicacies including farmhouse cheeses, quality wines, and specialist teas.

Wrocław's most famous market is nonetheless the chaotic Sunday flea market held on the platforms of the defunct Swiebodzki train station. Here you can find almost anything, from second-hand clothes to dodgy cigarettes and enormous pickled cucumbers. Many consider Swiebodzki an eyesore, but locals continue to flock there and photographers can't help but love the sheer quirkiness of the place.

Outdoor Things to do in Wroclaw

20) Visit the Wrocław Aquapark

wroclaw aquapark

If you fancy a swim, Wrocław Aquapark should be your 1st port of call - provided you go there during office hours. The Aquapark is Wrocław's biggest and best leisure center by far, which has made it insanely popular in recent times. Indeed, almost two million people now visit the place every year.

The leisure complex, which incorporates a recreational pool, sports pool, outdoor pool, sauna zone, and a gym, is located just a few tram stops away from the city center. In summer 2020 the Aquapark will be home to two additional outdoor pools, with a new indoor family pool complex coming the following year.

A day pass for the Aquapark costs 49zł for adults and 29zł for concessions. On Tuesdays, the sauna area is open to women only, which can offer peace of mind to those worried about being eyed up-and-down.

21) Use Nextbike's bicycle rental scheme

Another option for active holidaymakers is to enjoy Wrocław's charms by bike, something that's been made incredibly simple by the Nextbike bike rental system.

To pick up one of the bikes, set up your account in advance via the Nextbike app. It's available on the Play Store and the App Store. Once you've registered and linked your bank card, you are ready to go. After that, it's simply a case of finding the closest bike station with an available bike.

When you've found a bike, open the app and scan the QR code to start your rental. Wait for a second and the bike should unlock itself. If it doesn't, you can use the app to try and unlock it remotely again. When you are finished, leave the bike at a parking station and return it via the app. Don't forget to manually lock the bicycle before you leave - that officially ends your ride.

The first 20 minutes of your ride is free, while one-hour costs just 2zł. Every additional hour after that is only 4zł.

When it comes to ideal neighborhoods for cycling, the leafy Biskupin district is a good bet. The south of the city is also worth exploring by bike; Anders Park, Skowroni Park and South Park are all conveniently close together.

22) Rent a Kayak or Paddleboat

Another awesome way to see Wrocław is of course by kayak or paddleboat. You can easily rent a kayak to paddle by the likes of Ostrów Tumski, Grunwaldzki Bridge and the picturesque Dąbie district.

Gondole.eu offers kayak rental via their two docking points at Purkyniego 9 and Kładka Zwierzyniecka. Two-person kayaks cost 15zl per hour, while a three-person family kayak can be rented for 19zl per hour.

Another place you can pick up a kayak is at the rental place nearby the zoo (Zygmunta Wróblewskiego 1), run by Żegluga Pasażerska Wroclaw. Kayaks for 1,2 or 3 people can be rented there for 15zl per hour.

Żegluga Pasażerska offers paddleboats too, which cost between 30zl and 40zł per hour depending on their capacity. If you fancy the lazy option, motorized boats are also available for roughly three times the price.

23) Walk along Wrocław's Boulevards

Looking for a slightly less strenuous holiday activity? A leisurely stroll along Wrocław's Odra Boulevards should do the trick.

A great starting point for such a walk is the beginning of bulwar Xawerego Dunikowskiego, between Hala Targowa and the Piast Bridge. The boulevard offers countless Instagram opportunities, whether it be to snap prime shots of Ostrów Tumski or the boats sailing up and down the river.

If you keep moving along the riverside you'll eventually reach Bulwar Wrocławski, which takes you to the iconic Grunwaldzki Bridge. Cross the bridge to the north side of the river and you'll reach wybrzeże Stanisława Wyspiańskiego, the entry point to the Zoo, Hala Stulecia, Pergola and the Japanese Gardens.

All of the above paths have been recently renovated and offer cracking views of Wrocław's diverse architecture and green spaces.

Things to do in Wroclaw - Season by Season

24) In Spring - Botanical Gardens

As spring comes into bloom between mid-April and the month of May, Wrocław's Botanical Gardens are undoubtedly in their prime. So if you're in town at this time, it would be a crime to snub the place.

The garden's lush greenery and charming paths wrap around gravel courtyards, stylish sculptures, and pretty ponds. As you'd expect though, the main draw is the vibrant and eclectic mix of flowers on show.

In total, the area is home to an incredible 11,500 different plant species. If that weren't enough, the heavily instagramable gardens also lie right in front of Ostrów Tumski - creating a multitude of photo ops. Another of the garden’s plus points is the generous amount of seating provided, allowing you to sit back and admire multiple viewpoints along the way.

Entrance to the seven-and-a-half hectare site only costs 8zł, making a bargain that simply can't be ignored.

25) In Summer - Beach Bars

Every year between May and September, a beach-bar bonanza takes over Wrocław as locals flock to numerous riverside drinking holes.

These summer hangouts not only provide liquid refreshment for the masses but also countless attractions for families and people of all ages. Morning yoga sessions, open-air cinema screenings, live music, and children's entertainment are just a snippet of some of the events these venues regularly host.

The most convenient beach-bars for visitors to Wrocław are those located nearby tourist-hot spots. That way you can pay a visit to the bar without going on a mission to some far-flung district. For this very reason, Forma Plynna, Zazoo, and Odra Pany all come recommended.

Forma Plynna is close to Grunwaldski bridge and makes for an ideal stopping point on your walk along wybrzeże Stanisława Wyspiańskiego. Meanwhile, Zazoo and Odra Pany both sit just behind the zoo, one of the city's most popular attractions. If you fancy an alternative beach-bar crawl, then pay a visit to the north of the city - Stara Odra, Basen and Prostu z Mostu are all relatively close together.

26) In Autumn - Park Południowy

As the leaves fall come the end of September into October, a visit to the idyllic Park Południowy is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. A stroll around this quaint park is a most relaxing experience whatever the time of the year, but for many Wrocławians no season tops Autumn.

In recent years Wrocław has been lucky enough to have a few 'Golden Autumns' with cozy spring-like temperatures and bright, sunny days. Should you strike it lucky with the weather during your trip, the rich, vivid colors on display at Park Południowy should not be sniffed at.

The 25-hectare park dates back to 1877 and is arguably the most popular green-space in Wrocław. On-site you'll find a restaurant and beer garden, a picturesque pond and fountain, a boule-playing area, an outdoor gym, a children's playground and a statue of legendary Polish pianist Frederic Chopin.

If walking around the park seems a tad too dull, you can easily zoom around Park Połudiowy by bike - something that a few locals enjoy doing on an almost daily basis.

27) In Winter - Wrocław Christmas Market


From the last weekend of November until the end of December, Wrocław Rynek and a number of its surrounding streets are besieged by the arrival of the Christmas Market. The winter attraction is seen as a tacky eyesore for some. However, the vast majority love it, as evidenced by the huge crowds that flock there every year.

The market incorporates fair-ground rides for kids, stalls selling traditional Polish items including amber, smoked cheeses, cured meats, and regional vodkas. On top of that, you'll also find a myriad of fast-food stalls and mulled-wine bars.

If truth be told the food on offer is beyond a rip-off. That said, the joy of partaking in a mulled wine amid the lights and the cheery atmosphere is something that's easily worth paying for.

Wroclaw off the beaten path

28) Nasyp


If you're the type to seek out alternative hangouts away from tourist hotspots, look no further than the row of bars and restaurants referred to as 'Nasyp' (Embankment).

The area incorporates dozens of pubs along Wojciecha Bogusławskiego street and a stretch of Kolejowa street. Locals love the place as it offers a variety of characteristic venues, most of which provide much better bang for your buck than the old town.

After something to eat? Head to Pizzeria Si, it boasts a casual atmosphere and some of the best pizza in Wrocław. You can also indulge in a bit of no-nonsense homemade grub at Kużnia. If that weren't enough, there are some inciting options from further afield too - notably Georgian eatery U Gruzina and Restauracja New Delhi.

When it comes to pubs, the likes of Cafe & Bar Wytwórnia, Czeski Raj, Lamus and
Sielanka all sport a great selection affordable Czech and Polish brews.

29) Przedmieście Oławskie

Feeling a little brave? If so, pay a visit to Wrocław's infamous 'triangle' district. The area is still considered a tad 'dodgy' by some but has inevitably become safer and gentrified over the years.

Besides its intriguing Breslau-era buildings, Przedmieście Oławskie is now home to a small flurry of blossoming local food businesses. First of all, there's Krasnolód, an ice cream parlor that's gained a glowing reputation in a very short space of time. Another venue worthy of attention is the humble Kotlet Schabowy, which knocks up countless versions of Poland's iconic breaded pork cutlet. Friendly bistro Folgujemy is also a great place for breakfast.

Last but not least, the district borders one of Wrocław's fallen gems - Wzgórze Partyzantów. The once-great pavilion has sadly been neglected and is currently in a state of disrepair. Even so, history buffs can still take pleasure in having a nose around the place. The good news is that the pavilion is due to be renovated - once the work is complete the structure will truly be something to behold again.

30) Tęczowa street

Stacja Dizajn

Another area that's turning heads at the moment is Tęczowa street, which is attracting more events and culinary venues at an impressive rate.

The street contains a number of old industrial buildings that form the ideal backdrop for 'hipsteresque' projects. Not surprisingly then, a stream of trendy hangouts have sprung up at different points along the street.

At the top of the street, near the city moat and the old town, you'll find Stacja Dizajn. Located inside the currently defunct Świebodzki station, the bistro offers scrumptious Polish classics at surprisingly knock-down prices. The venue is packed with all kinds of quirky local arts and design projects, which makes for a fascinating dining experience.

Walk a little further down the street and you'll come across one of Wrocław's most curious venues - Blackbeard. Essentially a rum-bar and barbershop all rolled into one, Blackbeard's concept is not one you come across every day in Wrocław.

On top of that, there's also the weekend summer night-market, Nocny Targ Tęczowa. It's home to live music, plus plenty of bars and food trucks.

31) Grabiszynski Park


For those keen to get away from Wrocław's busy city streets, Grabiszynski Park is the ideal spot to chill out. Easily accessible by tram, the 48-hectare park includes a driving range, outdoor gym, children's playground, and a dog exercise zone.

The park's most defining feature is the stark monument at the center of the Polish Soldiers Cemetery. It is located on top of the mound at the southern end of the park, which is itself high enough to see over the southern part of Wrocław.

A short hop across the Ślęza river will also take you into the newly constructed Park Mamuta - a family-friendly playground that's much loved by local kids.

Attractions Around Wrocław

32) Ski Resorts and Summer Mountain Retreats

The Karkonosze Mountains are a popular retreat for city-dwelling locals, no matter what time of the year. In the winter months, Wrocławians regularly hit the ski slopes there, while countless hikers also visit the mountains in spring and summer.

Popular resorts on the Polish side of the mountains are Karpacz and Szklarksa Poręmba, both of which are around 2-and-a-half hours away by car. Taking the train or bus takes just a few minutes more. If you have a little extra time, you may even fancy venturing to Czech resorts such as Janske Lazne.

The view from the summit of the mighty Śnieżka mountain peak is one not to be missed. Those keen to take on the challenge of getting there can take the 7km hike from Karpacz. If that feels too arduous for you, then take the cable car from Pec pod Sněžkou. Buses regularly go there from the Czech town of Trutnov, which is linked to Wrocław by train on weekends during the summer season.

33) Church of Peace In Świdnica

Church of Peace In Świdnica

Another wonder worth seeing is the UNESCO-protected Church of Peace In Świdnica.

When permission was granted to build the Church in the 17th century, the architects were only allowed to use certain materials. The theory was that the Protestant church would not last long given the strict limitations. However somewhat miraculously, the wooden church has survived and it remains in tip-top condition thanks to some expert maintenance work.

The feat becomes even more remarkable once you enter the building and cast your eyes on the church's spellbinding interior. The amount of craft and artistry on show is incredible; a sight that alone makes the visit worthwhile.

It only takes around an hour to get to Świdnica by train, so a visit to this Lower Silesian jewel won't take up an entire day either.

34) Książ Castle

Książ Castle

One of Lower Silesia's most recognizable landmarks is, of course, Książ Castle, located near the mining town of Wałbrzych. It can be seen towering above the surrounding landscape park and makes for some picture-postcard photos.

The 13th-century castle is just one hour and 20 minutes away by car. Unfortunately, traveling there by public transport is slightly trickier. Getting to Wałbrzych by train is easy enough; that is just an hour-long trip. However, you'll then need to take the local number 8 bus towards the castle and get off at the final stop, named 'Jeździecka Zamek Książ'.

Another attraction for history buffs here is the much-talked-about 'legend of the gold train'. Some locals believe the Nazis hid an abundant amount of riches inside an armored train hidden in a secret tunnel.  There have even been attempts to excavate it in recent years, although they have been to no avail. This legend has captured the imagination of tourists around the globe, bringing approximately 45% extra visitors to the area since 2016.

35) Lesnica Castle

Lesnica Castle

Should any of the attractions above seem like too much of a trek, then a much easier option is to hop on a tram or train to Lesnica. Technically just inside Wrocław city limits, Lesnica can be reached via train from the Main Station or by trams 3 and 10.

The castle in Lesnica is almost 900-years-old; throughout its turbulent history, it has changed hands several times. Nowadays it is, of course, a much more peaceful place; the grounds occasionally host cultural events but are generally a tranquil spot to be.

The main appeal of the area is nonetheless the castle's surrounding park, which makes for a pleasant city getaway. The 21-hectare park is hugged by the Bystrycza river and contains a couple of quaint ponds at its heart.

If you fancy putting your feet up after a stroll around the park, you can grab a coffee and cake at Black Point Cafe, located on the other side of the street from the castle.

So there you have it, our complete guide to all things Wrocław!

As you'll have seen, this is a vibrant, cultural city with a wide array of attractions to see and activities do. Wrocław has its charms no matter what the season, whether it's the wonder of the Odra in summer or the charm of a cozy, candlelit bar in winter.

The city also has a great selection of hotels regardless of your budget, while the culinary scene has come on leaps and bounds in the last decade.

All of this makes Wrocław a no-brainer for anyone looking for a change of scenery - regardless of whether you live in Poland or not.

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