12 Quirky Present Ideas for People who Love Warsaw

As you may have noticed already, at OddUrbanThings we are obsessed with Warsaw. 

But we are also in love with well-crafted objects, interesting books, and timeless graphic design.

In this article, we put together all of that: posters, books, design accessories and jewelry. All Warsaw-related. We are sure you are going to find the perfect object you were looking for, be it for yourself or for your “Warsaw-obsessed” friend.

UPDATE: We added some product from this amazing website. They have so much awesome designer accessories and clothing. Here you find a lot of Warsaw-related objects. Check it out!

Quirky Warsaw-Inspired Everyday Objects.

1) The Palace of Culture Pepper Mill – Hellowawa

This is the perfect kitchen accessory. You’ll use it nearly every day and it will always remind you of the Warsaw Skyline. I would actually really like if they made also the salt grinder, maybe in the shape of the Złota 44?

You can buy it in their webshop, where you will find A LOT more Warsaw-inspired design (like this Warsaw map). Check it out!

2) Warsaw mosaic coasters – Warsaw Slow Design

Warsaw Slow Design has unique kitchen accessories and books connected to Warsaw. My favorite from what they offer are the mosaic coasters. Did you know that you can find outstanding mosaics in Warsaw? Check this map and go for a mosaic hunt!

You can get your mosaic coasters here.

3) The Palace of Culture socks – Wars Sawa Design

These socks are just adorable. Now you can have the Palace at your feet!

Wars Sawa design has a lot more designs spanning from coasters to wall decor.

You can get it here. The website includes a lot of other Poland-themed designs as well.

Warszawska Syrenka Cufflinks – Muzeum Warszawy

As you may know, the Syrenka (Mermaid) is the symbol of the city of Warsaw. I’ve seen these Cufflinks at the newly opened Museum of Warsaw and they look amazing.

You can buy it online here.

4) Warsaw-styled t-shirts – TCITY

Whether you are a tourist or a local, these t-shirts are gorgeous. But there is more than just t-shirts in this awesome shop. Buy it here.

5) Original Polish Posters – Poster Gallery

The Polish School of Posters is famous worldwide thanks to their unique style, the use of clever allusions and the emotional involvement of the artist. If you have never browsed this site, I suggest you do it now.

Here are the Warsaw-related posters.

6) Warsaw Attractions Memory Game for kids – Malu Studio

This is a memory game. You will achieve multiple things by getting this: get a nice design object, introduce your kid to the main attractions in Warsaw, teach him/her the names of those attractions in Polish and stimulate his/her brain!

Check out Malu Studio, they have a lot of great designs! If you want to buy the memory game, go here to Dawanda.


Warsaw-Related Books. Do you really know everything about the city?

7) Do it in Warsaw – Zrób to w Warszawie

To call this book a “guide” doesn’t exactly give it enough credit. This book will be your best pal in Warsaw! Not only it offers down-to-earth information about new clubs, cafes, pubs and galleries but it also suggests ideas for walks and city activities.

You can get your copy here.

8) Wooden cover for 6 PLUS / 6S PLUS – WARSZAWA

Super awesome wooden cover for 6 PLUS / 6S PLUS. Many more designs available as well.

You can get yours here.

9) W A R S Z A W A.  Designer Tote Bag

A truly original designer tote bag for true Warsaw lovers:)

You can get yours here.

10) Polish Pills. Warsaw as seen by an Expat – Fanny Vaucher

When Fanny Vaucher started her blog “Pilules Polonaises”, she didn’t know it would be a huge success.  She moved from Lausanne to Warsaw and started the blog as a way to adapt to the new environment.

The blog was then turned into a very entertaining book (that every single expat should buy).

You can get yours here (here is also the second book).

11) Warsaw Socks from Underwaar

Crew length socks with original Warsaw skyline and theme in the background.  Get it here.

Or maybe a Priceless Experience in Warsaw?

Sometimes the best present you can ever do is to offer an experience rather than an object.

12) Book a trip to Warsaw

If you don’t currently live in Warsaw, but you’ve always wanted to visit, this is the perfect time to do it. The city is bustling with life and events. Moreover, it’s cheap, super safe, modern and dynamic, but it still retains its own authentic Slavic spirit.

Check out my review of the best hotels and hostels in Warsaw or check my articles about the best things to do in Warsaw or 16 fun things to do in Warsaw this Summer.

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The opinion expressed in this article is 100% independent and I wasn’t paid by any of the companies listed here. I actually own half of the things listed! If you buy a product I may receive a tiny percentage of the order at no additional cost to you. This helps to cover the costs of maintaining this site.

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