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10 good reasons to get out and have a relaxing weekend in Warsaw. Check them out!

1) A Concert in the Darkness

Have you ever been to a concert with no lights? Surrounded by darkness your hearing will bring you into a musical trance that causes chills.

Where: Nowy Świat 63, Warsaw,

When: Friday 13 from 20:00 to 22:00

Price: 30 PLN

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2) The beginning of the Breakfast Market Season

A wide range of high-quality regional products of Polish cuisine as well as stands with world cuisine. You can also expect some concerts and workshops.

Mokotow (Saturday and Sunday)

Zoliborz (Saturday)

Price: FREE

3) Hip Hop Festival Warszawa

Quebonafide, TEDE, O.S.T.R., Ten Typ Mes, Kękę, Paluch, JWP, Bisz, Dwa Sławy, Kuban, Plan Be are just a few of the artists appearing in the first edition of Hip-Hop Festival in Warsaw.

Where: Fort Wola 22, Warsaw

When: Saturday 14 from 17:00 to 01:00

Price: 89 PLN

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4) Warsaw Stand-Up Comedy: Young Guns Showcase

An evening of unforgettable, unmissable and un-rated Stand-Up Comedy brought to you by English Stand Up Poland and World-Wide Comedy.

Where: Smolna 36, Warsaw

When: Sunday 15 from 20:30 to 22:30

Price: 20 PLN with reservation (or 25 at the door)

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5) Guided tour in English | Edi Hila. Painter of Transformation

He primarily creates series treating a selected theme over several paintings. The most important of Hila’s series include Paradox (2000–2005), Relations (2002–2014), Threat (2003–2009), Roadside Objects (2007–2010), Penthouses (2013), Martyrs of the Nation Boulevard (2015) and A Tent on the Roof of the Car (2017). The realism of his painting is distinct, based on careful observation of detail, which he exploits to convey the psychological truth of the observed phenomenon.

Where: Muzeum nad Wisłą. Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 22,

When: Saturday 14 from 14:00 to 15:00

Price: 1 PLN

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6) WATCH DOCS: Award-winning films

A screening with Eng subtitles of Still Tomorrow, a documentary about a poet from an agricultural Chinese province who, at the age of 19, was forced to marry her husband.

“It is true that there is still tomorrow, what a pity that there is still tomorrow.“

Where: U-jazdowski Cinema. Jazdów 2, Warsaw

When: Sunday 15 from 18:00 to 19:30

Price: –

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7) ALT DISKO x Kulturalna x 14.04

Guitars meet synthesizers, mixing different views in an alternative way. Punk? Electronics? Indie disco? Why not!

Where: Cafe Kulturalna. Plac Defilad 1

When: Saturday 14 from 22:00 to 04:00

Price: FREE

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8) The opening of a new Multi-Tap Pub in Saska

Nice to have a new multi-tap on the right side of the river. And they are serving beer from our favorite brewer in Warsaw.

Where: Walecznych 68A lok. 3, Warsaw

When: Friday 13 from 19:00 to 02:00

Price: FREE

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9) StreetFest – charity festival of street culture


Food Trucks with food from all over the world, street performers and photo exhibitions.

Where: Park Szczęśliwicki, Warsaw.

When: Saturday 14 from 10:00 to 18:00

Price: FREE

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10)  Beer tasting and homebrewing workshop in English

Have you ever felt lost confused in front of those huge lists of beers at a multi-tap pub?

Or perhaps you are always ordering the same kind of beer “cause you know you like it”?

Life is too short to drink the same beer all the time!

In this workshop, you are guaranteed to taste several beers and learn the basics of homebrewing (Just in case you’ll feel like brewing your own beer in the future. You never know!).

The workshop and beer tasting will be at a local brewery in Warsaw. It’s a small craft brewery, so you will be part of a group of 10 people max.

Find out more here.

When: Tuesday 17

This Beer Workshop is already SOLD OUT. Fill out this Google Form if you want to be the first to receive a notification about the next workshop to secure your spot:



Vintage Day at Kino Luna. Vintage clothing.

Warsaw Collector’s Market – April 14, 2018. Postcards, stamps, numismatics, antiques and more collector’s items

Wedding Fair. Planning to get married?

WarsAWesome is your Warsaw Weekend Guide:

Every THURSDAY, we’ll publish a post with 5+ super cool events taking place the coming weekend in Warsaw (so that you don’t find out about a cool event AFTER it has taken place!).

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