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1) Make your sweetest dreams come true on Expo Sweet 2020

Expo Sweet 2020 is the 12th edition of the event allowing you to try the latest trends in sweets and ice cream. If, after Fat Thursday, you still feel like having bubble waffles, cremeux desserts or molecular caviar, then it’s a must-attend. The attractions include The European Championships in Cake Decoration, a presentation of the Most Beautiful Cake in the World, and the Polish Championship in Dessert Preparation. The ticket price on the spot is 100 PLN; with earlier purchase via the Internet – 50PLN .

When: from Sunday,, at 10:00 to Wednesday, February 26, at 16:00

Where: Centrum EXPO XXI – ul. Prądzyńskiego 12/14

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2) Celebrate Chopin’s 210th Birthday

The party celebrating the 210th birthday of the greatest Polish composer will undoubtedly be a classy event. 25 recitals and chamber concerts with his music, plus recitals of poems written as part of the Chopin Poetry Competitions. All this in five locations. Admission to all events during this nightful of piano music is free.

When: Saturday, February 22 from 18:00 to 22:30

Where: Bazylika Św. Krzyża, kościół Wizytek, Pałac Staszica, Nowy Świat Muzyki i Dom Towarowy Braci Jabłkowskich

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3) Culture at a bargain price on Wielki Antykwariat Warszawski

This Sunday, go to Kino Iluzjon if you want to enrich your vinyl collection and fill your library with new, valuable items at prices from just 1PLN. A similar event will take place on Saturday in Galeria Młociny from 10:00 to 22:00 (more on FB).

When: Sunday, February 23 from 11:00 to 19:00

Where: Kino Iluzjon – ul. Narbutta 50a

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4) Polka through the weekend with Warsaw folk music

The weekend is looking very promising for those not afraid of mazurka, oberek, or powiślak. Those few and everybody else are cordially invited to the last concert of Graniasta band in the house no. 3/20 in Jazdów, on Saturday. The admission is free and all participants may chip in to support the Embassy of Traditional Music. Also on Saturday, but already at 18:00 in Gruby Josek, Kapela z Targówka will kick off their Shrovetide folk concert (FB). The day before, WoWaKin Trio will play kujawiaki, polkas and smash hits of local folklore in PROM Kultury Saska Kępa (FB).

When: Saturday, February 22 from 20:00 to 01:00

Where: ul. Jazdów 3/20

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5) Down oat milk IPA Agni in Muranów

Next month, the Warsaw Beer Festival will return to the capital, but before it happens, beer lovers will be able to try out the new milk IPA Agni. Drinks with the addition of milk are the latest hit in the world of craft beers. This one is distinguished by the fact that because oat milk was used in its production, it is lactose-free. It is therefore also suitable for vegans.

When: Friday, February 21 from 18:00 to 23:00

Where: Craft Beer Muranów Piwny Świat – ul. Andersa 23

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6) Chase Carribean dance with a traditional herring in Hala Gwardii

Donuts, angel wings, traditional meats, and herring. Grab a bite of these to the Caribbean dance shows and workshops at Hala Gwardii. The biggest attractions include the two-hour milonga, i.e. the open dance floor for Argentine tango, on Saturday evening and learning the basic steps of dancehall on Sunday at 15:00.

When: from Saturday, February 22 at 17:00 to Sunday, February 23, at 18:00

Where: Hala Gwardii – pl. Żelaznej Bramy 1

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7) Look in the eyes of the most beautiful cats in the world

The International Cat Show aka the treat of treats for cat lovers this time will take place at Arena Ursynów. The cats will compete in a beauty pageant judged by the international expert jury. The visitors will not only be able to admire feline beauties, but also buy food and gadgets for cats that have stayed at home.

When: from Saturday, February 22, at 10:00 to Sunday, February 22 at 17:00

Where: Arena Ursynów – ul. Pileckiego 122

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8) Happy 3rd Beardsday to The Urban Beard Barber

The Urban Beard Barber, one of the most popular barbershops in the capital, celebrates its 3rd birthday. On this occasion, it takes over neighboring WARMUT and GRAM. At the barbers’: haircut in walk-in mode from 12:00 with a 35% discount and the chance to get a tattoo by Paweł Reduch. On the second floor, an exhibition of Krzysztof Szlęzak’s photography about regaining love for photos. And in GRAM – a Razor Blade birthday cocktail (Bulleit, lemon, and cayenne pepper) and free play on slot machines.

When: Friday, February 21 from 19:00 to 03:00

Where: WARMUT – ul. Marszałkowska 45/49

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9) Hey Mr DJ and Mr SAX!

DJ collaborations with live musicians will be the undoubted party hit in 2020. Is there any instrument more sensual than a saxophone? Check it out for yourself in UL, where MJ.SAX will play with DJ Patryk Maciński.

When: Saturday, February 15, from 20:30 to 02:00

Where: UL – ul. Poznańska 16

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10) Chill with egusi and afrobeat

Time to try African cuisine. The window of opportunity opens on Friday in Służewiec. During the party, you will delight in egusi, a Nigerian dish based on powdered melon seeds, and the best afrobeat tracks.

When: Friday, February 21 from 18:00 to 22:00

Where: G-Naija – ul. Postępu 5

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11) Warsaw Alternative Tour

A city tour where you will hop on an original communist van restored to perfection and explore Warsaw’s hidden sights.

When: Every day

Where: pick up at your place/hotel

Price: €43.00

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12) Make Pierogi (Traditional Polish Dumplings) from scratch

No trip to Poland is complete unless you try the famous Polish dumplings. Or, even better, learn how to make them yourself.

The name of this dish probably derives from the Polish verb “to drink”, making pierogi the ultimate choice for party food. The class ends with pierogi lunch or dinner, so we strongly advise you to come hungry.

When: Every day

Price: €42.00

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