APRIL 16 – 18


Ok, so the weekend is not going to indulge us with great weather. Therefore it is worth having an alternative plan that will allow you to enjoy the free time, relax and provide some food for thought. Check out our list of TOP 5 events to learn how to make the best of the upcoming weekend.

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1) 78th Anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Each year, on April 19, Varsovians adorn their coats and jackets with daffodils to commemorate the outbreak of this heroic uprising. You can get your yellow token from volunteers in the center and from multiple distribution points throughout the city. POLIN Museum has also prepared a comprehensive array of events (program). We particularly recommend the movie “Wearing a Dress, Wearing a Uniform” which tells the story of women fighters. It is one of the most important historic events in Warsaw’s modern history, so let’s use this occasion to learn more about the city’s past and its former inhabitants.

when: Sunday and Monday, April 18 and 19

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2) Red Bull Stromo and International Festival of Films about Totalitarianisms

If you are looking for alternatives to Netflix, there are two film festivals that just might capture your attention:

  • Red Bull Stromo presents movies and expert panels dedicated to extreme adventures. Friday will be dedicated to mountains and climbers. You can also still count to watch some of Thursday’s adventure-themed content.

when: ends on Friday, April 16

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  • International Festival of Films about Totalitarianisms – the name of the festival tells you what kind of films you can expect. The schedule features 20 international productions, 4 premiers included. The films will be accompanied by online meetings and workshops with the creators and film experts. You need to register to, both, watch the films and participate in other events. Our pick: “My Favorite War” – a personal, animated documentary about the director’s life growing up in Latvia during the Soviet era 1970-1990, where Sovjet used WW2 as an ideological weapon to suppress and scare the population

when: ends on Sunday, April 18

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  • However, if you want to desire to feel the atmosphere of a cinema, we recommend “Kill It and Leave This Town” preceded by an interview with its creator – Mariusz Wilczyński. The film is a moving story in which the hero fleeing from despair after losing those dearest to him, hides in a safe land of memories, where time stands still and all those dear to him are alive.

when: every day at 18:00, until April 30

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3) Visual arts online and an online ballet

If you are in want of visual stimulation on the highest artistic level, here are the events that you’ll enjoy:

  • The works of Henryk Streng aka Marek Włodarski will be exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. He was active as a painter in interwar Lwów (now Lviv, Ukraine) and postwar Warsaw. He developed an original take on Modernism, before becoming a rather unorthodox Socialist–Realist. Streng / Włodarski drew on Polish–Jewish culture, was a Holocaust survivor and continued to maintain an identity rooted in genocide.

when: until May 9

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  • The art and legacy of Frida Kahlo will be discussed in a webinar delivered by @historiasztukinasto. We believe it is always a good idea to learn more about this inspiring artist and to expose oneself to her evocative art.

when: Sunday, April 18, from 18:00

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  • The most famous tear-jerker in the world, a story about the love between the scions of the feuding Montague and Capulet families. “Romeo and Juliet” in ballet version recorded on February 27, 2021. In his Warsaw staging, Krzysztof Pastor relocated the action to Italy of the 1930s, 1950s, and 1990s respectively – proving yet again the timeless nature of this tragic story.

when: from Friday, April 16, from 19:00

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4) Attractions in Centrum Praskie Koneser


Józef Wilkoń is an internationally renowned painter, sculptor, and illustrator of books. His most iconic works will be exhibited in Centrum Praskie Koneser. It is always a source of inspiration to make a short stop there when on a walk around Praga.

when: until June 11

where: Centrum Praskie Koneser – plac Konesera

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While you are there you can also drop by the Ecowonders vol. 8 natural cosmetics market. (FB event)

5) Outdoor yoga kicks off?

Should the weather allow it, this weekend will mark the beginning of an outdoor yoga season in Łazienki Królewskie. If not, the event will be held online. We love yoga for it just makes you feel good, gives the kick of energy stronger than a morning coffee, and if it can be done outdoors, it gets even better. Fingers crossed for being able to meet in the park this time!

when: Sunday, April 18, from 10:00 to 11:30

where: Łazienki Królewskie – exact location

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For more ideas for spending time with increased social distancing, see WHAT TO DO AT HOME: THE 18 BEST IDEAS FOR BOREDOM DURING A PANDEMIC  and to find the best places to go, consult our list of 35 AMAZING THINGS TO DO IN WARSAW IN 2021.

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