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Warsaw is starting to organize anew its cultural and entertainment scene, so we recommend events in both the real and virtual world. If you decide to leave the house, remember to obey the rules of social distancing and put on masks where the regulations require it. Last but definitely not least, have fun and enjoy the blooming summer.

1) 17th Singer’s Warsaw Festival

Warsaw is famous for this unique festival that pays tribute to the Yiddish culture through theatrical performances, exhibitions, recitals, film screenings, and discussion panels. This year, some events will be available online. No matter in what form, this is a must-attend for all Warsaw residents. An event on which imagination runs free visualizing how the capital city might sound like if it were not for the Second World War. It can also be a valuable introduction before the premiere of the long-awaited TV series “Król” based on the book by Szczepan Twardoch.

When: Saturday, August 22, to Monday, August 31

Where: various locations

Festival program

2) Craft Ice Cream Festival

The very name of the event is inviting enough. You will be able to enjoy ice cream in a wafer, in a bubble-wafer, vegan, cream, Thai or Italian – whatever your heart desires. The flavors range from the classics to this year’s hits – matcha and meringue with passion fruit.

When: Sunday, August 23

Where: Iskra – ul. Wawelska 5

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3) On Saturday, I’m becoming an herbalist 

This weekend, on the eastern bank of Warsaw, you can take part in free herbalism workshops. You will learn how to recognize, harvest, and use herbs that grow wild in the capital. Definitely worth a shot.

When: Saturday, August 22

Where: Grodzisko and Lasek Bródnowski (Bródno) or ROD Las, ul. Cieślewskich (Białołęka).

Białołęka event

Bródno event


4) Dog fair in Elektrownia Powiśle 

Pamper-your-dog kind of event. This time, not only sellers of delicacies, food, walking accessories, and toys are waiting. In addition to classic stands, the event will include meetings with authors (including Dorota Sumińska), workshops (e.g. building a good relationship with a dog), and portrait sessions for dogs.

When: Saturday, August 22, from 11:00 to 19:00

Where: Elektrownia Powiśle – ul. Dobra 42

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5) WITH A CHILD: Eco stories by the Vistula River


During this summer holiday, the capital wants to impart environmental care on the younger generations. This is the goal of the Saturday event in which Dorota Koman will read to children, among others “Planet Rescue!” by Patrick George. Later, also a talk about animals living in the Vistula.

When: Saturday, August 22, from 12:00 to 15:00

Where: “Kamień” educational pavilion in Golędzinów (Wybrzeże Puckie / Wybrzeże Helskie)

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6) Outdoor cinemas

On this page you will find a regularly updated list of screenings in Warsaw open-air cinemas, which are plenty this summer.


7) Hunky-dory hood orchestra concert on Bielany

Ah, hood orchestras, in the late 1990s their sounds still filled the capital’s air. Unfortunately, in the twenty-first century, this Varsovian tradition began to die out. It would be an exaggeration to herald its renaissance, but this event may well be a harbinger. Ludwik Sarski’s Orchestra will perform early jazz, ragtime, tango, swing, and klezmer tunes. And before the concert, of course, a fine opportunity to get acquainted with the esteemed neighbors.

When: Saturday, August 22, from 17:00 to 18:00

Where: ul. Skalbmierska

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8) Mitch & Mitch at Dziedziniec Kultury

This year, Dziedziniec Kultury was a perfect complement to the capital’s concert landscape. The penultimate edition is dubbed the Masters of Alternative –  Mitch & Mitch. They are the co-authors of one of the best Polish albums in history – “1976: A Space Odyssey” with Zbigniew Wodecki, but most of all – virtuosos and visionaries. Book your seats now!

When: Friday, August 21, from 20:00 to 22:00

Where: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 15/17

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9) Latino Festival on Wola

This event will satisfy both adults and children. Interactive language workshops are planned for the youngest. There will also be intergenerational workshops of Brazilian and Mexican dances. And for the finale – a show of Brazilian carnival samba and a concert of Latin American music by the star of the evening, Mike Rife & CUBANIA. Prior registration is required.

When: Sunday, August 23, from 12:00 to 18:00

Where: Wolskie Centrum Kultury – ul. Działdowska 6

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10)  F45 training on Pole Mokotowskie

Supposedly, the F45 is the best functional training in the world as it combines team, weight and cardio exercises. You can see its effectiveness on Saturday and Sunday morning on Pole Mokotowskie.

When: Saturday and Sunday, August 22 and 23, 9:00, 10:30 and 12:00

Where: Pole Mokotowskie

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11) Warsaw Cocktail Workshop

Check what Polish vodkas and liqueurs can do if you turn them into cool cocktails! Under the watchful eye of the top bartenders in the city, you will unveil the secrets of drinks from the best Warsaw bars.

When: from Sunday to Tuesday

Where: top cocktail bar in Centrum

Price: 119zł/person

More info

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