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Warsaw is starting to organize anew its cultural and entertainment scene, so we recommend events in both the real and virtual world. If you decide to leave the house, remember to obey the rules of social distancing and put on masks where the regulations require it. Last but definitely not least, have fun and enjoy the blooming summer.

1) XII Multicultural Warsaw Street Party

Warsaw celebrates the cultures of the world with two stages filled with music and dance, an acoustic zone, thematic stands, and a zone for NGOs. The extremely rich program includes, among others, Cuban and Mexican music concerts, Azeri, Persian and Chinese yangge dance shows, capoeira, or reggaeton workshops. As to the foods, you will be able to gorge on, for example, Argentine empanadas and Moroccan dishes. Look through the entire festival offer – everyone will find something interesting for themselves. Ah, it is important to add that the event will be opened by a multicultural parade.

When: Sunday, August 30, from 13:00.

Where: Krakowskie Przedmieście

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2) Flying Dogs in Wilanów

Dog frisbee is one of the most spectacular sports competitions. The dogs’ agility, cleverness, and speed are impressive, just as incredible harmony with their owners. Champions will be crowned in 4 types of competitions, e.g. ThrowNGo, where dogs retrieve frisbee thrown to the appropriate end zone, and long disc throws are rewarded the most. The program of the competition includes also Dog Diving – that is dogs long-jumping into the pool with water.

When: Saturday and Sunday, August 29 and 30

Where: Wilanów Beach – ul. Klimczaka 2

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3) Big Book Festival

A three-day feast for book lovers will be held in three locations in Old Mokotów. Some events of the eighth edition of the Big Book Festival will also be available online on the festival’s website. The program includes book premieres and meetings with authors such as Anne Applebaum and Dawid Grosman, improvisations inspired by Stanisław Lem’s “Summa Technologiae” treatise or an open-air Warsaw Book Breakfast. Best if you have some command of Polish, but if not the Q&A sessions with writers are still an alluring option.

When: Friday, August 28, to Sunday, August 30

Where: Big Book Cafe, ul. Dąbrowskiego 81; Centrum Łowicka, ul. Łowicka 21; Władysław Broniewski’s villa and museum, ul. Dąbrowskiego 51

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4) The Last Jazz in the Old Town – Leszek Możdżer

This year’s edition of the Jazz in the Old Town festival is coming to an end and you cannot miss out on this concert. Leszek Możdżer on stage, so an enthralling performance that transports you to other worlds is the least you can expect.

When: Saturday, August 29 from 19:00

Where: Old Town Square

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6) The Roots of Europe Ethnic Music Festival 2020

This weekend is teeming with festivals. This one, taking place in Pelcowizna, celebrates the ethnic cultures of Poland and Europe. The program includes concerts of Radykalna Wieś (kind of ragga), Menele (Warsaw folk), and the Hungarian world-music band – Duckshell. There will also be a food truck zone and an outdoor track for matchbox car races.

When: Saturday, August 29, from 13:00 and Sunday, August 30, from 18:00

Where: Dom Kultury “Świt” – ul. Wysockiego 11

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6) Outdoor cinemas

On this page you will find a regularly updated list of screenings in Warsaw open-air cinemas, which are plenty this summer.


7) Surfers Festival in Lunapark

If you’re spending the last weekend of holidays ashore in Warsaw, you can still feel an ocean breeze. The whole weekend at Lunapark will be filled with surf-lifestyle attractions, fairs and a surf equipment market, surfing-themed workshops, lectures, discussion panels, and a thematic movie night.

When: Saturday and Sunday, August 29 and 30, from 14:00

Where: Lunapark – Wał Miedzeszyński 407

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8) KLONN’s Grand Opening at Agrykola

A new place on the gastro-map of the capital. The location of the restaurant is the most interesting aspect apart from the menu, from which we will most likely order delicious pizzas and mirabelle cheesecake. Agrykola lacked a nice place to eat well outdoors. The opening evening will entail Bovska’s acoustic concert. We will also witness the premiere of a new Warsaw mural created by Szaweł Płóciennik.

When: Friday, August 28, from 18:00

Where: ul. Jazdów 1B

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9) WITH CHILDREN: Delicious burgers for cleaning Kabacki Forest

A great initiative that rewards a pro-ecological attitude. All you have to do is ask for a garbage bag, pick up some trash in Kabacki Forest and, in return, get delicious burgers prepared by Steaks & More and Boys Meat Girls, which are one of the best burger restaurants in Warsaw.

When: Sunday, August 30, from 12:00 to 17:00

Where: a clearing near Moczydłowska and Perkalowa streets, in the vicinity of the Kabacki Forest and a subway sideline

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10) Jan Kochanowski’s Name Day aka Of Books and Language

This year’s literary picnic of the National Library will be devoted to the works of Leopold Tyrmand – an icon of contemporary Warsaw novel. The program includes a debate about the contemporary Warsaw vernacular, a poetic match, or an improvised theater performance. If you haven’t mastered Polish yet, invite a Pole to come along and see for yourselves how Warsaw was and is reflected in crime stories. Maybe you can learn some slang? 

When: Saturday, August 29, from 11:30 to 23:00

Where: Krasińskis’ Garden

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11) Warsaw Cocktail Workshop

Check what Polish vodkas and liqueurs can do if you turn them into cool cocktails! Under the watchful eye of the top bartenders in the city, you will unveil the secrets of drinks from the best Warsaw bars.

When: from Sunday to Tuesday

Where: top cocktail bar in Centrum

Price: 119zł/person

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