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Warsaw is starting to organize anew its cultural and entertainment scene, so we recommend events in both the real and virtual world. If you decide to leave the house, remember to obey the rules of social distancing and put on masks where the regulations require it. Last but definitely not least, have fun and enjoy the blooming summer.

1) Warsaw Beer Festival

Varsovians love craft beers, which is why the Warsaw Beer Festival has been extremely popular from day one. This time it will be held in a different form, though. The organizers have created a beer set that you can order to your home and test while watching online beer workshops. Alternatively, you can also go to partner premises, taste the festival drinks there and watch broadcasts from the workshops.

When: Saturday, August 8, from 14:00 to 22:00

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2) The Great Warsaw Garage Sale takes off

The last few months have made us realize that we are surrounded by many unnecessary things. Now you can sell them at the Great Warsaw Garage Sale, which will take place over 5 weekends in 5 different districts. This time in Bemowo. We sincerely support the ideas of upcycling and zero-waste, so we encourage you to give things their second life.

When: Sunday, August 9, from 12:00 to 16:00

Where: car park at the Bemowo District Office – ul. Powstańców Śląskich 70

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3) StreetFood festival and an explosion of colors in Wawer

This is another edition of district street food festivals. Yet Wawer has prepared some novelties, i.e. an explosion of colors. What is that? Well, every half an hour the sky above the festival will be eclipsed by colorful clouds in 11 colors. It will be reminiscent of the Holi festival celebrated in India.

When: Sunday, August 9 from 15:00 to 19:00

Where: Romantyczna Beach

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4) PRASKi folklore on the beach

PRASKi is a duo reviving the traditions of Warsaw folk. They do not cover Grzesiuk and Petersburski but create their own dance-inducing songs. If we support and listen to such artists, and maybe we will finally see projects re-discovering capital’s folk of Idan Raichel or Goran Bregovic’s magnitude.

When: Friday, August 7, from 18:00

Where: Plażówka – Wał Miedzeszyński 389

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5) Buy a plant and support … happy hens

Maybe the idea of ​​a happy chicken seems funny, but there is nothing funny about the fact that we in Poland kill over a billion (sic!) chickens every year. The vast majority never see anything beyond the bars of the cage. Therefore, if we can contribute to improving their fate, let us do it. Now we can buy or exchange plants in Prochownia in Żoliborz. And yet 2020 is a great year for home growing. All proceeds from the sale will go to the Otwarte Klatki association.

When: Sunday, August 9, from 11:00 to 15:00

Where: Prochownia Żoliborz – ul. Czarnieckiego 51

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6) Outdoor cinemas

On this page you will find a regularly updated list of screenings in Warsaw open-air cinemas, which are plenty this summer.


6) Warsaw summer sounds like jazz

Summer 2020 is rich in excellent jazz concerts. This weekend the most interesting will be the Saturday concert of EABS, the best electric band in the Jazz Top 2019 poll, as part of the Jazz in the Old Town Festival (more info). Also on Saturday, Wojciech Pulcyn and Paweł Kaczmarczyk will play at Dreszer Jazz 2020 (more info). And if you adhere to the principle of listening to jazz only on Sundays, then go to Plażówka for a concert by Aga Gruczek, Michał Aftyka, and Kacper Majewski (FB).


7) Circus workshops for children and adults

Do you want to learn to juggle, ride a unicycle or walk on stilts? Then join the free workshops on Wawer. Great fun for kids, parents, and everyone else.

When: Saturday, August 8, from 10:00 to 16:00 

Where: Wawer Cultural Center, Aleksandrów Branch – ul. Samorządowa 10

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8) Tomato Festival in Tarchomin

How many tomato varieties are you able to name? Redbeefsteak, raspberry, cherry, and so on. Tomatoes seduce with a variety of flavors, colors, and uses. Not all of us pay attention to their plentifulness on a daily basis, so it is worth going to Tarchomin and seeing for yourself.

When: Friday and Saturday, August 7 and 8, 10:00 to 15:00 

Where: Prosto z Rynku – ul. Odkryta 4

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9) Good techno on ISkra

Since we only recommend one party event this week, it will be techno’s return to Iskra. First, these events have a reputation. Second, who doesn’t like techno now? Third, on no other party can you jump into a swimming pool. This is probably enough for a recommendation.

When: Thursday, August 6 from 21:00

Where: Iskra – ul. Wawelska 5

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10) Warsaw Cocktail Workshop

Check what Polish vodkas and liqueurs can do if you turn them into cool cocktails! Under the watchful eye of the top bartenders in the city, you will unveil the secrets of drinks from the best Warsaw bars.

When: from Sunday to Tuesday

Where: top cocktail bar in Centrum

Price: 119zł/person

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