We are giving you the TOP5 weekend events in Warsaw! Where to eat pasteis de nata and drink the best coffee in the city? Which Polish writer has been nominated for the Nobel Prize four times and has never won it? Where to watch SuperBowl in style? What birds are singing in the tree under your window? And what happened in 2009?! We answer these questions in the weekly #warsawesome.

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1) Warsaw Coffee Festival 2022

This is the largest coffee event in our part of Europe. It is, thus, an opportunity to learn about a dozen interesting ways of brewing and serving a morning cup of joe. Expert lectures will elevate your coffee knowledge to the expert level!

Among the Saturday proposals, we will highlight a lecture by Wojciech Szymański – a certified trainer of the International High-Quality Coffee Association – “Good espresso at home – how to do it?” (start at 15:00). On Sunday, we recommend the lecture “Degree of coffee roasting vs. brewing methods. What degree of coffee roasting to choose for different brewing methods” prepared by the respected roaster in the capital – Gorilla Coffee. It will begin at 13:00.

The previous editions of The Polish Barista Championship have been truly magnetic.  We hope it will be no different this year. Proper cafesito is the key to a pleasurable beginning of the day, so it is worth taking inspiration from top-notch specialists and expanding your repertoire with a few of their tricks. Ah, and one more thing.

This year, for the first time, the coffee festival will be accompanied by the Sweet Market. We can’t wait to devour Portuguese pasteis de nata from Pastelowe, sugar-free, gluten-free, and lactose-free sweets from YARO, or croissants from the French Lemotion bakery. It is thanks to such an obvious combination as coffee and sweets, but elevated to the highest world level, that the seventh edition of the Warsaw Coffee Festival hit first place on our list.

When: Saturday and Sunday, February 12 and 13, from 10:00 to 18:00

Where: Palace of Culture and Science – Plac Defilad 1

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2) Noce i dnie – meeting in water lilies

The adaptation Maria Dąbrowska’s novel entitled “Nights and Days” directed by Jerzy Antczak was warmly received by the audience and was one of the most famous film events of the seventies in Poland. Even the greatest film dilettantes know the legendary scene in which Józef Toliboski (Karol Strasburger) walks into the pond to gather water lilies for Barbara Niechcic (Jadwiga Barańska). An event consisting of a film screening, meeting with actors and creators, the My Nights, My Days. Maria Dąbrowska on the 50th anniversary of her death exhibition, and a concert by Warszawska Orkiestra Sentymentalna will help to understand the phenomenon of this epic story.

This event is so high on our list because the writer was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature four times in 1939-1965 and her legacy is, unfortunately, becoming gradually forgotten.

You can participate in screenings and meetings with creators online on www.ninateka.pl.

When: Saturday and Sunday, February 12 and 13

Where: Kino Iluzjon – ul. Narbutta 50A

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3) LVI SuperBowl

In the USA, the second Sunday of February marks the biggest national sports event, which usually goes hand in hand with a culinary tradition. It is all about the SuperBowl – the final match of the professional American football league. This year, the event falls on the night between February 13 and 14. American football has already established itself quite well in our city. In the Polish Football League, the city has two representatives – Warsaw Eagles and Warsaw Mets. The growing popularity of the discipline has prompted both teams to partner up with local food courts to organize decent events orbiting around the clash between Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams. 

Warsaw Eagles, two-time champions of Poland and the oldest club in the capital, invite you to NINE’s Restaurant & Sports Bar in Browar Warszawski (ul. Haberbuscha i Schielego 6). A reservation for one person costs 70PLN, but the entire amount can be spent at the bar and in the restaurant. There is also a special American menu (buffalo wings, chillies, ribs). On-site attractions include cheerleading performance, football show, and stand-up show; FB event.

Warsaw Mets were founded a little over 3 years ago and have not yet achieved any great success in the League. However, they promise that they can offer masterclasses in partying in style. You can check it at Elektrownia Powiśle (ul. Dobra 42). There will be a dedicated menu, interviews with experts, and contests with prizes. Admission is free; FB event.

In our opinion, an event organized by a club with a longer tradition and in a restaurant specializing in sports events looks more promising, which is why we choose to experience SuperBowl in Wola. The 70 PLN booking fee to be used for food and drink seems reasonable because it is hard to assume that we will spend significantly less even during a free event lasting from 23 to 4 am. However, we do believe in the Mets and their talent for fun. Besides, guess who will be performing during the half-time break? Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and Mary J. Blige. Even complete newbies will have a good time during the night which will be followed by a rather difficult Monday. That is why this event comes third.


4) Opening of the “ca. 2009” exhibition 

2009 happened a couple of lifetimes ago. Recalling a specific memory is virtually impossible. It gets easier when we mention that we had a pandemic then as well – it was the so-called swine flu. It is a past that is not history yet. It looks very much like the present without being the present. It is not easy to grasp any significant difference between then and today. Maybe because the first decade of the 21st century did not have such a clear identity as the 90s or 80s. Maybe it is a matter of lack of proper perspective? The exhibition includes works created around 2009 by better and lesser known artists, such as Wojciech Bąkowski, Wilhelm Sasnal, and Agnieszka Polska. It is a journey for which there is no good reason, but it is worth taking it to remember a bit of your own history.

When: Saturday, February 12, from 12:00

Where: Dawid Radziszewski Gallery – ul. Kolejowa 47A/U13

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5) Bird Walk: Birds from the Red List

Bird Walks are organized in order to introduce the inhabitants of Warsaw to the nature of the unique park of Dolinka Służewska. This time we will find out which birds were included in the “Red List of Polish Birds”, why they are there, and what we can do to protect them from extinction. The specimens observed during the walk will enrich the Ornitho.pl online database. Sławomir Kasjaniuk will be our guide. He is a native of Służew, a member and volunteer of the Warsaw Group of the Polish Society for the Protection of Birds.

One of the official Warsaw promo slogans says that “It is the city where  you will hear birds singing.” It is therefore worth taking part in such events to find out (1) what birds, (2) where they came from, (3 ) what awaits them, (4) how to help them. Valuable education for children and adults.

when: Sunday, February 13, from 12:00

where: Służewski Dom Kultury

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