This weekend marks relaxing the pandemic restrictions of the last couple of weeks. That means museums, galleries, and shopping malls are back to life. For us, it implies more fun events to attend. So let’s take a look at the TOP 5 events of the upcoming weekend.

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1) Warsaw Coffee Festival 2021

The place to be for all coffee-heads. Top roasteries and producers of coffee paraphernalia will be there to give you the best caffeine experience of the year. In the venue, you can both taste and purchase their products. On FB you can also watch Polish Barista Cup 2021 and get inspired on how to pimp your morning cuppa joe.

where: Hala Gwardii – Plac Żelaznej Bramy 1

when: from Friday, February 5, till Sunday, February 7; from 10:00 to 20:00

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2) The Eastern Wall – exhibition

The Eastern Wall in Warsaw is one of the masterpieces of Polish modernism in architecture. It comprises the streets and buildings located between Świętokrzyska, Jasna, Marszałkowska streets, and Jerozolimskie avenue. It has been a key element of Warsaw’s identity and functionality. The magnitude of the project is unmatched by any other urban project in the capital to this very day.  The exhibition portrays its structural and cultural significance at the same time telling a story of the last 70 years of living in Warsaw. An absolute must-see, even if you’ve never heard of the Eastern Wall before.

where: Zodiak – Pasaż Wiecha 4

when: on all Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays until May, from 12:00 to 18:00

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3) Vintage books and vinyl records market

We had to wait quite long for an event like that, so we are happy to announce the premiere vintage books and vinyl records market. The prices start from 1PLN and you can get your hands on real white whales.

where: Elektrownia Powiśle – ul. Dobra 42

when: Sunday, February 7, from 11:00 to 18:00

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4) Free entrance to the National Museum and the Museum of Warsaw

To celebrate the reopening of museums and galleries, some of them are granting us free entrance at the weekend. We recommended taking a virtual tour of the “Poland. The Power of Image” exhibition a couple of times, so you just might have seen it already. It’s also a safe bet to say that the queue in front of the National Museum will be quite long. Therefore our favorite is the Museum of Warsaw which does an unbelievable job of telling the story of the city and its inhabitants through unique artifacts weaved in an engaging narrative.

National Museum: al. Jerozolimskie 3; opening hours 10:00 – 20:00

Museum of Warsaw: Rynek Starego Miasta 28–42; opening hours 11:00 – 20:00

5) Mata’s live concert

Mata is the most influential Polish rapper under 21. He was also named the Varsovian of 2019. His music has become not only popular but also socially engaged. The concert will be dedicated to all highschoolers unable to attend their proms due to the pandemic. So if you want to hear what revs the engines and grinds the gears of Polish youth this will be the best music chance to do so. Moreover, you can donate money to WOŚP if you participate.

when: Saturday, February 6, from 19:00 to 20:00

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