JANUARY 8 – 10 


Welcome in 2021! We sure hope you had a smooth transition into the new year and are ready to embrace what 2021 is about to bring. While we are still quite locked down, the upcoming weekend will offer a pleasant respite from working days’ drudgery. We’ve selected the TOP 5 online events that will keep you entertained from Friday till Sunday. Dig in and get excited about the best movies, plays, workshops, exhibitions, and outdoor activities of the weekend.

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1) Millennium Docs Against Gravity VOD platform kicks off

Quite a straightforward thing – this is a platform containing the best documentaries of the last couple of years. The festival became a household name a few years ago, so now their move into online seems only logical. The service will stay for longer, so no rush watching over 80 positions in its library. New titles are also premiering regularly. This week’s big hit seems to be the Berlinale 2013 winner – “The Broken Circle Breakdown” about a couple of bluegrass musicians struggling with their daughter’s serious illness.

VOD platform

2) Poland. The Power of Images. – an online exhibition

The National Museum went the extra mile to prepare an engaging exhibition experience in cooperation with Huawei. As a result, we got a 3D walk showcasing the masterpieces of Polish pictorial arts. You can take a really detailed look at the works of Jan Matejko, Stanisław Wyspiański, Jacek Malczewski, and many others. A true delight and a deeply immersing experience if you have VR goggles.

virtual walk

3) Meditation 101

If 2020 didn’t make you already take up meditating, then congrats. However, taking proper care of your psyche has always made for a good New Year’s resolution. So why not try putting the mind at ease, finding inner peace, and enjoying life while we still can? Participation in this workshop is free and you will receive an ebook describing the best diet for your brain. 

when: Saturday, January 9, from 18:00

FB event

4) Ice swimming


Ice swimming is definitely becoming a thing this winter. Almost everybody is doing it. There are undisputed benefits of the activity – reducing stress, boosting the immune system, increasing libido, and many others. Those of you who suffer from any cardiac or blood circulation problems, or struggle with kidney issues should contact their GP first. Yeah, and while we are at it, ice swimming has become the way to meet new people these days, so yeah… might wanna try that.

when: Sunday, January 10, from 12:00

where: Jeziorko Czerniakowskie

5) Kordian online from the National Theater

Kordian is a masterpiece of Polish drama written by its legend – Juliusz Słowacki. It dramatizes the choices made in order to save the father’s land, honor, and life. A must-watch even for those who will only follow the subtitles. 

when: from Friday, January 8, till Monday, January 11

FB event


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