Some exciting markets and food festivals, of course. But also paintball matches, football competitions, running trainings, an board game evenings. Find out what else you can expect this weekend.

1) Raquel André “Collection of Lovers”

This performance will allow us to explore relationships from a different point of view.

What are we looking for when we meet someone?

“Portuguese artist Raquel André (º1986) has been a collector for quite a while now. Nothing special at all, except that the objects of her desire aren’t books, stuffed animals or mustard pots, but PEOPLE. Tonight she’ll present her COLLECTION OF COLLECTORS and COLLECTION OF LOVERS in Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II in Lisbon. On view there until November 22nd. The entire work exists of the Collection of Lovers (those who love), the Collection of Collectors (those who collect memories), the Collection of Artists (those who create) and the Collection of Spectators (those who witness).”

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When:  Saturday 21 from 20.00 to 21.00

Where: Teatr Studio, Warsaw

Price: 20-30 PLN

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2) PKiN’s birthday

For the 63rd birthday of the Palace of Culture and Science, there is going to be a family-friendly, full of attractions birthday party.

Among others, these are the main attractions there will be the longest Skimboard track in Warsaw, face painting, cotton candy, spider shows, and more.

When:  Saturday 21 from 10.00 to 16.00

Where: Palace of Culture and Science , Warsaw

Price: FREE


3) Warsaw Festival of Japanese Culture Animatsuri

The Warsaw Festival of Japanese Culture Animatsuri is a cyclical event promoting Japanese culture and pop culture organized by the Animatsuri Association. During Animatsuri you will be able to take part in various attractions, such as thematic panels and lectures, knowledge competitions, fitness tournaments, martial arts demonstrations, and workshops, as well as concerts or cosplay costumes competition. There will also be the latest game consoles, where you can play a lot of interesting games (fighting, VR, and others), music games (DDR and UltraStar) and board games. In addition, you will be able to try various Japanese dishes, as well as meet famous guests.

Where: ul. Bobrowiecka 9, Warsaw

When: July 20 – 22

Price: From 30 PLN (one day) to 70 PLN (three days)


4) Dog Day – Eco Fair at Hocki Klocki

A market selling dog accessories, toys, and food.

Where:  Hocki Klocki

When: Sunday 22 from 12:00 to 19:00

Price: FREE

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5) Another Holi Party, this time with a free barbecue

This event combines a Holi Party with many more attractions like inflatable castles, cotton candy, food trucks, contests with prizes, a free barbecue, and a DJ set.

Where: Park Praski, Warsaw

When:  Sunday 22 from 14:00 to 18:00

Price: FREE

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6) SBRT Free Running Trainings

A running group for all of you who want to start running or improving your performance and running technique.

Where: Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie 45A, Warsaw

When:  Every Saturday (at 9.00) from tomorrow until the end of August.

Price: FREE

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7) Board games at “Local na Mokotowie”

There will be plenty of well-known games as well as less known ones.

Even if you go alone they’ll let you play and explain the rules. There will be social games, logic games, card games, and also some arcade games.

Where: ul. Sandomierska 13 entrance from ul. Rejtana, Warsaw

When:  Sunday 22 from 14:00 to 23:00

Price: FREE

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8) Free Nose Work Training

You can try to teach your dog some basic nose work. You can teach him to find almost anything! If I had a dog, I’d teach him to find my house keys – which I lose all the time. What would you teach him?

Where: Kasprowicza 41, Warsaw

When: Saturday 21 from 11:30 to 14:30

Price: FREE

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Book: 509 367 997

mail. [email protected]

9) Integration Cup – VII edition 2018

The ‘Acentos Peruans’ Association invites you to join the 7th edition of ‘Copa de la Integración’ 2018.

There will be 16 teams representing different countries (it may be possible that a given country may have more than one team). What is more, there will be plenty of food, drinks, great music and a real, positive Latino vibe.

The top three teams will be awarded commemorative cups and medals, but also there will be individual awards for the most valuable player, the top scorer and the best goalkeeper.

Where: Merliniego 2, Warsaw

When: Saturday 21 from 10:00 to 18:00

Price: FREE

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10) Pstryk – Photographic City Game

A photographic game in which you can win valuable prizes:
1st place: 750 PLN
2nd place: 500 PLN
3rd place: 300 PLN

All you need is a working camera (or a mobile phone) and you can participate as a couple as well.

Where: Cafe Sąsiad – Ziemowita 16, Warsaw

When: Saturday 21 from 10:00 to 13:00

Price: FREE

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11)  Join a Paintball Game (SpeedBall)

SpeedBall is a more formalized version of paintball in which the playing field is composed of bunkers symmetrically located on each side of the field.

Where: FORT Blizne – Lazurowa 187, Warsaw

When: Saturday 21 from 15:00 to 18:00

Price: 30 (entrance) + 25 (500 balls)

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WarsAWesome is your Warsaw Weekend Guide:

Every THURSDAY, we’ll publish a post with 5+ super cool events taking place the coming weekend in Warsaw (so that you don’t find out about a cool event AFTER it has taken place!).

Or if you prefer, just go to our FB page and smash that like button!

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