JUNE 19 - 21

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Warsaw is starting to organize anew its cultural and entertainment scene, so we recommend events in both the real and virtual world. If you decide to leave the house, remember to obey the rules of social distancing and put on masks where the regulations require it. Last but definitely not least, have fun and enjoy the blooming summer.

1) Catch the last weekend of the Spanish Week in Kino Muranów

The event to attend this weekend is definitely the Spanish cinema week at Kino Muranów. The program includes Detective Areta - the latest film by Jose Luis Garci, the director of the first Spanish movie awarded with an Oscar and a bio-pic from Lucia Alemana. From June 24, the festival moves to Kino Luna. Isn’t it high time to get into Spanish vibes this summer?

When: until June 24, screenings details

Where: Kino Muranów - ul. Gen. Władysława Andersa 5

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2) Cold beer and fat beats at Smolna

Smolna invites to DJ sets and to the bar on Fridays and Saturdays starting at 20:00. Good music and trippy vibes are a sure shot there and such a good place on the map of Warsaw needs to be supported to get back on its feet.

When: Friday and Saturday, June 19 and 20, from 20:00

Where: ul. Smolna 38

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3) All aboard in WIR

This SaturdayWIR is organizing an event that you don't want to miss. Call +48 576 75 76 79 today and book a free cruise on one of the five boats. You can choose, among others, AIR BOAT 450HP or stylized wooden Galar. And after the cruise -20% on pizza and drinks.

When: Saturday, June 20, from 14:00 till 20:00

Where: WIR - 512 km of Wisła

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4) Make a Midsummer wreath in Elektrownia Powiśle

The old Slavic tradition known in Mazovia as Noc Kupały celebrates the summer solstice, love, and fertility. For hundreds of years, it has been celebrated with weaving wreaths. How is this done? Look for the answer at the wreath weaving workshop at Elektrownia Powiśle, which will be led by a florist from Wkręcone w zielone.

When: Saturday, June 20, from 12:00 till 20:00

Where: ul. Elektryczna 2

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5) Taste Polish orchards bottled as liqueurs in NIE PRZELEWKI

On Friday, NIE PRZEWEWKI - a restaurant offering drinks based on original fruit tinctures made from only Polish fruits opens in Hala Gwardii. Ifi Ude’s DJ set and Nothing To Sniff will provide the best beats to go down with your drinks.

When: Friday, June 19, from 20:00

Where: Plac Żelaznej Bramy 1

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6) Bach cantatas live in Łazienki and on YouTube

The highest quality musical event. The soloists and orchestra of the Polish Royal Opera will play a chamber concert of Jan Sebastian Bach's music at the Royal Theater. Tickets are almost sold out, but you can also join the event via YouTube.

When: Saturday, June 20, from 19:00


7) Photography workshops at dawn in Ogród Botaniczny w Powsinie

You can rarely enter the Botanical Garden at 5:00 am. This time, however, the gates will open for volunteers before dawn to let them into nature-themed photography workshops. Classes are intended for both beginners and intermediate photographers. Take binoculars with you to watch the birds.

When: Sunday, June 21, from 5:00 till 9:00

Where: Ogród Botaniczny PAN w Powsinie - ul. Prawdziwka 2

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8) Millennium Docs Against Gravity in Elektrownia Powiśle

If you want to watch Millennium Docs Against Gravity documentaries come to Elektrownia Powiśle on any given Tuesday and Saturday at 19:30 until the end of August. This Saturday, "Putin’s witnesses" - a story of Russian transformation and Putin’s rise to power. Provided the weather is good, it is difficult to spend time better than on a good documentary in a comfy outdoor cinema.

When: Saturday, 20 czerwca, od 19:30 do 21:30

Where: ul. Elektryczna 2

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9) Plants for electrowaste

In multiple locations around Warsaw, you will be able to exchange your electro waste and batteries to plants. The more you bring, the more you get. A really great initiative.

When: Saturday, June 20, from 10:00 till 14:00

Where: ul. Grochowska 274; ul. Kondratowicza 20; al. KEN 61; ul. Płytowa 1; ul. Zawodzie 1;

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10) Warsaw Cocktail Workshop

Check what Polish vodkas and liqueurs can do if you turn them into cool cocktails! Under the watchful eye of the top bartenders in the city, you will unveil the secrets of drinks from the best Warsaw bars.

When: from Sunday to Tuesday

Where: top cocktail bar in Centrum

Price: 119zł/person

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