MARCH 12 – 14


This weekend still can be fun. Yeah, it is true that it will be rather snowy and not very sunny. Yes, from Monday, Warsaw will be red-zoned and that means closing shopping malls, galleries, museums, and cinemas. Still, the event menu for the weekend can make up for all that. Dig in our list to find out the TOP 6 weekend events that will keep you on your toes and fuel the conversations in the next week.

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1) Sinfonia Varsovia gets you animated

Sinfonia Varsovia is a top-level musical institution on a global scale. This weekend they will transport us into the magical realms of soundtracks from animated pictures. We will hear compositions from Fairytale Poem, Nox, and III Symfonia „Koncertująca”. We can expect to be enchanted, surprised, and lulled into deep reflections on life and reality. The concert will be preceded by a discussion with the composers and music journalists.

when: Saturday, March 13, from 19:00 to 21:30

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2) Women’s craft market

“Girls In the Process” is an initiative of Polish craftswomen that aims to promote their products and share their skills and knowledge. It is the place to get unique macrame, jewelry, accessories, paintings, etc. You will also surely enjoy the venue as it is organized in one of the nicest cafes in Warsaw.

where: Proces Kawki – ul. Kłopotowskiego 23/25

when: Sunday, March 14, from 11:00 to 16:00

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3) Hear the Slavic Spirits in the Space of Jazz concert

Electro-Acoustic Beat Session investigates Slavic spirituality and demonology with their Slavic Spirits initiative. They will take us on a musical journey through forests and meadows to get to Ślęża (the sacred mountain) where we all will fall into Sun Salutation frenzy. The concert will be available for two days.

when: from Saturday, March 13, 12:00 till the end of Sunday, March 14

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4)  Old Fashioned Friday evening – movie night in FINA 

If you are after a chill, yet quite romantic, Friday afternoon, that’s the event you’re looking for. FINA gives you free access to Old Fashioned (IMDb), a film about love and stripping it from the 21st century’s obsession with corporeality. The viewing will be preceded by a 15-minute lecture by dr Łukasz Jasina.

when: Friday, March 12, from 19:00

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If you happen to enjoy FINA’s initiatives, you might want to listen to the special episode of their podcast on Saturday at 16:00. It will be dedicated to the image of women in pre-war Polish cinema. More on FB event.


5) Vintage books and vinyl records market

We truly appreciate vintage books and vinyl records markets in Elektrownia Powiśle. The prices start from 1PLN and you can get your hands on real white whales. That may also be one of the last chances to attend some real-life market for a while, so if you enjoy this kind of experience, you should go there.

when: Sunday, March 14, from 11:00 to 18:00

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6) Praga Theater Days

Praga district is just ripe with theaters, both mainstream and really off ones. All of them will be performing during the Praga Theater Days. This weekend’s playlist includes:

Friday, March 12, from 19:00 – “Inkantacje” by Off i Cyna Theater;

Sunday, March 14, from 10:00 – “Migający świat” by Teatr Oratorium (for kids).

The plays are streamed on FB.

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