MARCH 25 – 27 


The Warsaw Beer Festival is here with us until Saturday and on Friday the celebrations of the Good Vodka Day should bring us to the city center’s favorite cafe. The weekend is, however, more than just tasting even the most delicious alcohols. It is in our best interest to move a bit at least and learn something new about the world. We suggest how to do all this and aid Ukraine in the process. Finally, we invite you to a party with our favorite DJs. All details in #Warsawesome.

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1) Warsaw Beer Festival

The biggest beer event in the capital will be up and kicking until Saturday. There will be brewers with already established brands, attracting festival-goers with the desire to delight their taste buds with a highly valued drink again. Newcomers who want to conquer the hearts of Warsaw beer-heads with their innovative craft brewing will also look for their chance to hit a home run. Everyone will show off the best products in their stock, including beers unavailable in stores, premieres, and those brewed especially for the festival. There will also be a stadiumful of food trucks, tastings, lectures, and a relaxation zone. In the latter, you can sit by the bonfire, relax on a sunbed, but also use the sauna! And after, you can have a dance-off to DJ sets, more information at the FB event.

Among the festival’s events, apart from savoring the beer, of course, we especially recommend the gala announcing the results of the Warsaw Beer Place of the Year contest (Saturday at 13:00), the workshop “The art of tasting. How to professionally evaluate beer “(Friday at 20:00 and Saturday at 18:00) and a gastro-show by Jarek Jarecki (Saturday at 14:00).

when: until Saturday, March 26,

where: Legia Warszawa Stadium – ul. Łazienkowska 3

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2) Good Vodka Day

If beer comes first, vodka should come second. Our friends from Miedziana Cafe – famous for serving excellent dishes and all kinds of drinks – team up with the Kruk brand vodka. There will be a lecture on the production of craft vodka, tasting, and then music and an afterparty with snacks announcing the new menu, shots, and drinks based on Kruk. Meanwhile, DJs Borovski and Matt will take care of the music. We recommend this event because we know that you always leave Miedziana in a better mood than when you entered it. 

when: Friday, March 25, from 14:00 to 21:45

where: Miedziana Cafe – ul. Miedziana 25

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3) Ochota dances for Ukraine

The third event combines the pleasant and active with charity, which is perhaps the most important thing at the moment. It’s about dancing, yoga, and helping Ukraine and its people. Both children and adults can help in the Culture Center in Ochota. From 10:00 to 13:00 at full hours, children and teenagers can take part in dance workshops conducted by, among others, a renowned contemporary dance teacher – Małgorzata Bartecka. A yoga session for adults with Dominika Gryz, known for example from Instytut Jogi, certified Iyengar yoga, Yoga Wall, and fascial yoga teacher using the MYOYIN method, will begin at 13:00.

The fee for classes is a voluntary donation to the box. All proceeds will be allocated to help Ukraine. Moreover, you can bring blankets, sleeping bags, mattresses, thermoses, flashlights, batteries, thermal clothing, dressings, and canned food. 

when: Saturday, March 26, from 10:00 to 14:00

where: MDK Ochota – ul. Rokosowska 10

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4) Long live the girls!

In this event, we appreciate looking at women’s studies from different perspectives in a way that is attractive for a wider audience. For two days, Elektrownia Powiśle will turn into a space for the operation of the SUPPORT GROUP. What does this mean in practice? First of all, the fair – on Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 19:00, where you will find stands of Polish and Ukrainian crafts in the form of jewelry, accessories, accessories, clothes, and cosmetics.

The workshops seem more interesting to us, though. Among them, we are particularly keen on the Saturday meeting with Sara Dobre Ziele, a herbalist, during which we will learn about the beneficial effects of infusions and create our own mixture for a therapeutic session, and a Sunday workshop on research on the concept and practice of “sisterhood” in Polish society, which will be conducted by social researchers and activists – Marta Majchrzak from Herstories.pl and Dr. Sandra Frydrysiak from SWPS University.

Thanks to the prizes funded by the exhibitors, there will also be a raffle in which every ticket wins! The entire profit from the sale of lottery tickets will be donated to help refugees from Ukraine in Poland. 

when: Saturday and Sunday, March 26 and 27, from 11:00 to 19:00

where: Elektrownia Powiśle – ul. Dobra 42

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5) Lunateque is looming over Warsaw again

Everything being said and done, it is now best to invite you to a party with our favorite DJ collective – Lunateque. They guarantee crazy quirks at a pace much faster than lunar revolutions! They will flood the dance floor with moonlight to mesmerize us with a mixture of Britpop/BritRock, “indie”, New Wave, electropop, punk, ska, glam rock, and anything else that can bring the desired healing effect. The message is simple: let’s dance!

when: Friday, March 25, from 20:00 to 3:00

where: Klub SPATiF – al. Ujazdowskie 45

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