MARCH 6 – 8


The weekend ahead of us shall be a sunny prelude to International Women’s Day. Therefore, we prepared a selection of the TOP 7 events that will set the festive mood for the holiday. No matter if you get your thrills from food, films, music, shopping, or urban studies, we’ve got you covered. Dig in!

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1)  Master international delicacies: pizza and ramen workshops  

Well, gentlemen, there is no way to win a woman’s heart like cooking a meal she can’t resist. And ladies, you yourselves know well that mastering a new dish is as satisfactory as it gets. Therefore, the masters of pizza and ramen invite us to their cooking masterclasses. Rumor has it, they are most enjoyable in couples.

The one dedicated to pizza is organized by Mąka i Woda, a leading Warsaw pizzeria, and will take place online. The price includes ingredients for two pizzas and a bottle of wine delivered to your place.

price: 230 PLN

when: Saturday, March 6, from 18:00

FB event

If you desire to learn the ins and outs of vegan ramen recipes, you will need to go to Wilanów. Cook by Samsung organizes a workshop with Daniel Snecz. The price includes 4 types of ramen and drinks.

price: 279 PLN

when: Saturday, March 6, from 12:00

FB event

2) Films you must watch: HERstories in Ninateka and Kill It and Leave This Town

Looking for movies that inspire? Then your go-to address is ninateka.pl. Until the end of this week, we are getting free access to documentaries presented at the HER Docs Film Festival in 2020. We particularly recommend “The Story of a Panty” about the lives of those who work in the shadow of the textile industry.

when: until Monday, March 8

FB event

If you are more into animated pictures, you should check out the exclusive screenings of Kill It and Leave This Town. It is a personal story of Mariusz Wilczyński that he was working on for 14 years. There are a stellar voice-over cast and a soundtrack by one of the best Polish guitarists – Tadeusz Nalepa. Most of the voices and sounds you’ll hear are the last recordings from these artists.

FB event in Kino Praha (ul. Jagiellońska 26); Friday, March 5, at 20:30 and Sunday, March 7, at 18:30; tickets at 19 PLN

FB event in Kino Iluzjon (ul. Narbutta 50a); Friday, March 5, at 18:00, Saturday, March 6, and Sunday, March 7, at 20:00; tickets at 17 PLN


3) Krzysztof Zalewski live in concert

Krzysztof Zalewski has earned his way on top of the Polish music industry through meticulously crafting the sounds and lyrics of his songs. In 2019 he dominated the Fryderyki ceremony by winning 6 awards. In other words – he is a star with priorities set at artistic value. Thus, he is the perfect choice for a Sunday evening prelude to Women’s Day. His last album “Zabawa” was just teeming with hits. The concert will be live-streamed on FB and YouTube.

when: Sunday, March 7, from 18:00

FB event

4) Family Purim Time brought to you by POLIN Museum

Purim (Festival of Lots) is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the saving of the Jewish people from the Persian Empire. It is celebrated by exchanging gifts of food and drink. To learn more and join the fun, tune in to online events organized by the POLIN Museum. There will be a film presenting the origins of the holiday, a culinary workshop presenting the recipe for Haman’s ears (a sweet delicacy), prim masks workshop, and a concert. Recommended for families, but who wouldn’t enjoy a shortbread with a sweet filling?

when: Sunday, March 7, from 11:00 to 18:00

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5) States of Mind Festival – online edition

The leitmotiv of this slowlife event is rebirth in spring. The itinerary comprises lectures, workshops, and an online market organized by Polish craft brands. The items sold will fall within jewelry, accessories, cosmetics, interior design, and textile categories. Check it out if you are looking for high-quality designer’s products.

when: from Saturday, March 6, to Monday, March 8, from 11:00 to 20:00

FB event

If you happen to be looking for a chance to enlarge your vinyl records collection, pop round to Hala Gwardii. There will be new releases, classics, bargains and sales.

where: Hala Gwardii – plac Żelaznej Bramy 1

when: Sunday, March 7, from 10:00 to 20:00

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6) Girl Ask Boys – techno party in Kino Luna

Simple as it gets – wanna party to some good-ole techno? This party has achieved legendary status in the pre-pandemic era and, hopefully, this year’s edition will live up to expectations. The line-up features the up-and-coming Polish female electronic music creators. If you feel safe with partying in a club-like setting, that’s where you should be heading.

where: Kino Luna – ul. Marszałkowska 26

when: Saturday, March 6, from 21:00

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7) Wola post-1989 – exhibition in Museum of Wola

If you are a Wola resident or would simply like to see how the district has evolved in the last 30 years, cease the chance to do it now. Until the end of the week, admission to “Changes. The Landscapes of Wola after 1989” is free. Indeed, Wola is now the fastest developing part of the city and it is worth learning how it all came to be.

where: Muzeum Woli – ul. Srebrna 12

when: until Sunday, March 7, from 11:00 to 21:00

FB event

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