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Come rain or sunny weather – we are ready for the long May weekend. Bikes are prepped, grills cleaned, winter jackets and shorts on the ready. However it pans out, we are determined to chill, charge the batteries for spring, and enjoy leisure activities. How can we be so sure the weekend will be to our satisfaction? Well, check out the list of the best events we’ve put together.

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1) May 3, 1791 – the reconstruction

If what Poles celebrate on May 3 still eludes you, this is your chance to grasp it in the beautiful settings of the Royal Palace in Wilanów. There will be a pop-up antique print house, where you will be able to make your own copy of the Constitution of 3 May 1791, and a pop-up mint to produce coins from the times of Jan III Sobieski. All that plus talks, impromptu lectures from the guides, and of course a chance to take a walk in the royal gardens.

when: from Saturday, May 1, to Monday, May 3, from 11:00 to 17:00

where: Royal Palace in Wilanów – ul. Stanisława Kostki Potockiego 10/16

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2) Film and concert for an evening chill

It has become a Warsawesome tradition to recommend the most noteworthy movie streaming and concert of the weekend. So what’s cooking for this weekend?

  • Kayah & Transoriental Orchestra played at Singer’s Warsaw Festival in August 2020, but only now are we getting a chance to relive this epic performance. The concert features songs inspired by Jewish and Sephardic music from various regions of Europe and the Middle East, including the most famous ones in modern and energetic versions. The streaming begins on Sunday, May 2, at 20:00 (FB event).
  • “Red Spider” (IMDbtells the story of Karol Kot – the youngest serial killer known to criminology. It will be available on Ninateka’s website on Friday, April 30, from 19:15 (FB event).

3) Wisła cruise

This is the first chance this year to indulge in the most chill way of looking at Warsaw – while sailing Kurka Wodna. You get to admire protected areas of Vistula while resting on either deck of the catamaran. The best thing is: it is totally free! You only need to book your places by calling +48 782 241 399.

when: from Saturday, May 1, to Monday, May 3; 14:00 is the earliest you can book now

where: Przystań Młociny 525km Wisły

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4) Outdoor film screenings to celebrate Silesian Uprisings

Even though these bank holidays are usually about other historical events, this year we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Third Silesian Uprising, which ended with a big part of Upper Silesia becoming a part of Poland. “Our Silesia” is a large-format 2D computer animation with 3D elements illustrating the events from 100 years ago that were crucial for the history of Upper Silesia and Poland.

when: until Saturday, May 2; shows begin every 10 minutes, from 20:00 to 22:00

where: plac Piłsudskiego – facade of Dowództwo Garnizonu Warszawa

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5) Back on track – horseracing season kicks off on Tor Służewiec

Oh, it is just a class act to spend at least a part of the weekend on Służewiec. Swift horses, dogged jockeys, mouth-watering ice cream, and throbbing heart when you are close to winning a bet. But this time, we need to get the ice creams from a shop, because this will be only a broadcast. But it sure seems that the next racing weekend will be open for spectators.

when: Saturday, May 1, from 12:00

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6) Enjoy the great outdoor

The long weekend is traditionally spent with family and friends barbecuing and cracking up beers. While this remains an attractive option, why not give the great May outdoor a more diverse spin? These two events offer an alternative way to connect with nature and find inner relaxation.

  • a guided walk in the Bielański forest

when: Saturday, May 1, from 10:00

where: entrance to the forest on Podleśna (vis a vis Klaudyny 01 bus stop)

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  • dendrological guided tour of the UW Botanical Garden

when: Saturday, May 1, from 13:00

where: Ogród Botaniczny UW – Aleje Ujazdowskie 4

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  • ornithological guided tour of the UW Botanical Garden

when: Sunday, May 2, from 10:00

where: Ogród Botaniczny UW – Aleje Ujazdowskie 4

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7) Foodtrucks on Bemowo

In our weekly food truck section, we are inviting you to Bemowo now. Flavors we can’t wait for? Smoothies from Acai Bar and, this season’s favorite, bao buns.

when: from Saturday, May 1, to Monday, May 3, from 11:00 to 21:00

where: Kaufland’s car park – ul. Batalionów Chłopskich 73

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For more ideas for spending time with increased social distancing, see WHAT TO DO AT HOME: THE 18 BEST IDEAS FOR BOREDOM DURING A PANDEMIC  and to find the best places to go, consult our list of 35 AMAZING THINGS TO DO IN WARSAW IN 2021.

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