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1a) The new urban game from the city of Warsaw


Start your adventure and discover the mysteries from the Old Town while playing an Urban Game!

Backpacks filled with creative tasks will be waiting there for you. The game takes place within the Old Town walls.

Your task will be, among other things, to create decorative sgraffito or to correctly arrange a puzzle, to find out how the building looked before the war. Playing the role of a detective, equipped with a compass and binoculars, you will decipher the names of streets and buildings in the Old Town.

Where: Old Town Market Square 42 or at and the Heritage Interpretation Center on 11/13 Brzozowa Street
Price: FREE
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1) Saska Kępa Festival

A local festival aimed at creating a stronger community in the neighborhood. The organizers have planned several concerts, exhibitions and food offers.

When: Saturday 25 from 14:00 to 22:00

Where: Saska Kępa, Warsaw

Price:  FREE

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2) Piece of Spain | Festival of Spanish cooking

During the three-day celebration, you will find live cooking, Spanish breakfast, live music, special promotions, dance workshops, and activities for children.

When: May 24 – 26

Where: Solec 18, Warsaw

Price:  FREE

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3) Warsaw Book Fair

The Warsaw Book Fair is the largest international book fair in Poland.

When: May 23 – 26

Where: PGE Narodowy

Price: ?

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4) Olympics Picnic

The Olympic Picnic gives you the opportunity to get acquainted with dozens of different kind of sports.

When: Saturday 25 from 12:00 to 18:30

Where: Park Kępa Potocka

Price: FREE

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5) Open Day at the College of Europe in Natolin

Join a guided visit of the historic campus of the Natolin Palace, meet the Careers Office, visit of the Natolin Library, and learn about the history of the campus.

The open day of the College of Europe in Natolin is the perfect opportunity to discover its academic offer, their recruitment process, and the many scholarship opportunities.

Sign-up: https://bit.ly/2E7amJw

When: Saturday 25 from 9:30 to 18:00

Where: Nowoursynowska 84 – College of Europe in Natolin

Price:  FREE


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6) Aero Piknik

Among the 25 planned attractions, you can expect hot air balloon flights, flight simulators, and flight related contests.

When: Saturday 25 from 16:00 to 21:00

Where:  Plaża Romantyczna Wawer

Price:  FREE

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7) JUWenalia

The student musical celebrations continue!

Next events:




When: May 24-25

Where: Agrykola

Price: FREE


8) Streetfood Festival in Gocław

International street food on the calm shores of the Balaton lake.


When: May 24 – 26

Where: Park nad Balatonem

Price:  FREE

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9) Nadwiślańskie Nawoływania

Never mind the complicated name.

Two bands will stand opposite to each other on two banks of the Vistula while standing on floating boats. The floating boats will eventually meet on one bank of the Vistula and play together.

When: Sunday 26 from 19:30 to 20:30

Where: plaża Płyta Desantu

Price:  FREE

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10) Silent Disco

Electronic, Disco and Hits.

500 headphones

When: Friday from 20:00 to 3:00

Where: Plac Trzech Krzyży 16, Warsaw

Price:  10 PLN in cash for renting the headphones (persons with foreign documents must also deposit 200 PLN for each headphone)

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More events:

11) Vegan Picnic

When: Sunday 26 from 12:00 to 19:00

Where: ISKRA Pole Mokotowskie

Price:  FREE

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12) Opening of Space Games Pub 

When: Friday from 20:00

Where: Oboźna 7, Warsaw

Price:  FREE

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13) Opening of Przystan Nowa Fala

When: Friday from 21:00

Where: first boat behind the Copernicus Science Center

Price:  FREE

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