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This week, we are recommending 3 categories of online events that will let you smoothly drift through the weekend.

1) Something for the spirit

If you want to listen to wise people saying good words or good people saying wise words, check:

● Igrzyska Wolności – the event problematizes the world after the pandemic. Discussions about the new normality will feature Klementyna Suchanow, Adam Bodnar, and Anne Applebaum.

When: Friday, November 13, to Sunday, November 15

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● BookTarg features meetings with authors, premieres, promotions, and discussions about culture. Harlan Coben, Marek Krajewski and Camilla Läckberg will be there among the guests.

When: from Thursday, November 12, to Wednesday, November 18

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● Languages ​​of radical sensitivity – this is a discussion about how language influences reality, how it shapes it, and how we create new realities with language. The event is organized by the Zachęta National Art Gallery.

When: Friday, November 13, from 18:00

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● November online in royal residences –  every November weekend you will be able to digitally visit the seats of Polish monarchs. There will also be webinars devoted to the history of the residences, museum debate, and historical trivia. This weekend, you can visit the Castle Museum in Malbork (from Friday, November 13, from 14;00; link).

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2) Something for the belly


If you are passionate about cooking, you’ll find these events to your liking:

● Old Polish savoir-vivre workshops – where you will learn why the guests were greeted with bread and salt, to whom we say “dzień dobry” and to whom we say “witam”, whether forcing guests to eat may be a sign of hospitality, and why in the past a few empty seats were always left at the table. The event is organized by the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace at Wilanów.

When: Saturday, November 14, from 12:00 to 13:00

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● Warsaw Food Gardens is a walk through Warsaw food gardens guided by Agnieszka Kuś – culinary historian, blogger, and Warsaw guide. During the event, you will also learn traditional recipes from different eras for experimentation at home. The event is organized by the Bielany Cultural Center.

When: Saturday, November 14, from 11:00

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● Taste Warsaw – takes us to Tymon Rogalski’s exhibition titled “Two bars are better than one”. Next, there will be a discussion about how we associate tastes and smells with specific people and places. Finally, you’ll participate in a chocolate-making workshop! The event is organized by the Zachęta National Gallery of Art.

When: Saturday, November 14, from 16:00


If you want to develop yourself as a chef or simply want to cook with friends under the careful eye of professionals, we invite you to culinary workshops.

3) Something for the body

After a hard week, believe us, you want to relax on a workshop combining elements of facial yoga, exercises for a healthy spine, and relaxation techniques. Participation is free and requires no registration.

When: Friday, November 13, from 18:00

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