The message is clear: the best first weekend of September is going down in Warsaw. Here is what you’ll learn with Warsawesome: where to see a parade of illuminated boats cruising to electronic beats? Where to listen to the iconic Albo Inaczej in concert? Why is Czytelnia Słów i Dźwięków Elektra a new landmark? Where to go on a picnic? We also present the brand new September weekend classics. Dig in!


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1) The Vistula Day

Warsaw loves the Vistula and will manifest this feeling this weekend. The main event is the Vistula Festival. It allows us to partake in art performances and concerts on the stage floating along the boulevards, or Kabaddi, Aikkido, and Capoeira training sessions as well as concerts on the beaches.

When: Saturday, September 4, from 10:00 to 23:00

Where: multiple locations

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However, these are Riverlights that will steal the show. It is a combination of a boat parade with electronic music and a light show – all vessels are specially illuminated. The pulsating lights moving along the river will create an extraordinary spectacle that can be watched from the boulevards, marinas, and cafes by the Vistula.

When: Saturday, September 4, from 18:30 to 20:00

Where: along the boulevards, start at Cypel Czerniakowski

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If you want to get to know the Vistula from the waterlevel, the Vistula canoe game will be the best way. You just need to register on this site. This Sunday, September 5, it starts at 9:30 on the route from Karczew to Plaża Żoliborz.

2) Concerts

The capital’s music scene is not cooling down in September. Some noteworthy concerts are waiting for us:

  • Albo Inaczej on Białołęka Days. The Albo Inaczej project is a cult combination of Polish music classics, contemporary pop, and hip-hop. The point of the collaboration of several generations of artists from different backgrounds is to reinterpret legendary rap recordings. The line-up will include, among others, Mrozu, Ten Typ Mes, Krystyna Prońko, Natalia Nykiel, Paulina Przybysz and Eldo.

When: Sunday, September 5, from 20:00

Where: Park Picassa

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  • The Bielańskie Granie festival presents the performances of Natalia Kukulska with the Atom String Quartet and the KARAŚ/ROGUCKI duo.

When: Saturday, September 4, from 19:00

Where: next to the Słodowiec metro station

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  • The Hipolit and Ludwika Festival aims to connect people of different views, religions, and social status, in line with the ideals that accompanied the foundation of the Wawelberg Colony, and to promote culture and art from all over the world. The line-up includes Pablopavo, Stanisław Soyka with Buba Badje Kujateh and a special guest of the festival – Volny Choir Вольны Хор from Belarus, one of the symbols of the fight for democracy in this country.

When: Sunday, September 5, from 14:00.

Where: the courtyard of the Wawelberg Colony – ul. Górczewska 15

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  • And if you prefer to go to a club, our favorite DJ Lunateque is rocking the city again. His playlist just explodes with Britpop/BritRock, indie, New Wave, punk, ska, and glam-rock

When: Friday, September 3, from 22:00

Where: SPATiF Club – Al. Ujazdowskie 45

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3) Books

A perfect weekend to find book inspirations until at least the end of the year.

  • We start with the official opening of Czytelnia Słów i Dźwięków Elektra – a space that combines a literary salon with the atmosphere of an independent record store. It is a real temple of analog culture, where both book and vinyl lovers will feel at home. The opening of Elektra will take the form of a three-day festival, during which we can enjoy a record exchange, various contests, workshops, performances, and concerts.

When: Friday, September 3, from 18:30, Saturday and Sunday, September 4 and 5, from 10.00 

Where: Mazowiecki Instytut Kultury – ul. Elektoralna 12

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  • The 6th Warsaw Independent Book Fair opens its doors to independent publishers and the pioneers of cooperatives in books. Apart from the possibility to buy books, we also have the opportunity to take part in discussions, lectures, workshops, and concerts.

When: Saturday and Sunday, September 4 and 5, from 12:00 to 20:00

Where: ADA – ul. Puławska 37

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  • The third edition of International Reading will begin with reading excerpts from Dorota Masłowska’s play “Bowie in Warsaw” and a meeting with the author. After the meeting, a special jury will announce the list of the 20 most important idea books published on the Polish market in the previous 12 months. The evening will be crowned by a “Songs of robots” concert by Gaba Kulka, Hubert Zemler, and Wojtek Traczyk and a screening of “The Author of Solaris” by Borys Lankosz. The film will be preceded by a discussion about the work and life of Stanisław Lem.

When: Sunday, September 5, from 18:00

Where: Plac Defilad

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4) Miscellaneous 

  • During the 6th “Doll on Stage” International Festival the audience will enjoy free street performances by Artists from Poland, France, Italy, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia for children and adults, meetings and conversations with Artists, exhibitions of puppets and hand puppets with the oldest in the world, over 100-year-old puppet among them.

When: Saturday and Sunday, September 4 and 5, from 12:00

Where: Rynek Nowego Miasta 

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  • LABA Festival celebrates leisure time. The schedule contains pilates on the grass, breakfast on the grass, patchwork and screen printing workshops, meetings with representatives of the Polish Psychedelic Society, and outdoor theater shows.

When: Saturday and Sunday, September 4 and 5, from 10:00 to 22:00

Where: ul. Jazdów 10/5

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  • Loesje creative writing workshop will be held right next door. We had the pleasure of participating in such classes and we sincerely recommend it. They develop mindfulness and precision in choosing words by playing with language and its ambiguities. Then, you can apply these skills both in flirting and at work.

When: Saturday and Sunday, September 4 and 5, from 16:30

Where: Zaczarowany Ogród – ul. Jazdów 3/17

workshop website

  • Flying Dogs is a series of events where canine athletes will present their amazing, often acrobatic skills. The most spectacular is a dogfrisbee competition. Four-legged contenders from all over Poland and abroad will compete for the title of Champion.

When: Saturday and Sunday, September 4 and 5, from 8:00 

Where: Plaża Wilanów

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  • Urban Festival this week rolls out vinyl record market, a concert by the artists of the Blue Label label, a guided walk, but most of all ukulele workshops. Thos wo get exceptionally deep into this instrument, should go to the meeting of the Intergenerational Ukulele Lovers Club (Nutka Cafe, Obozowa 82A, on Sunday, September 5, from 16:00). And if you get hungry, right next to the Festival there will be an Asian Festival with delicacies from Korean, Indian, Georgian, Lebanese cuisines…Mouthwatering!

When: Friday, September 3, from 16:00 and Saturday, September 4 from 10:00

Where: Pasaż Wiecha

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  • Food truck summer finale in Gocław. The delicacies include langos, quesadillas, fries, burgers, burritos, and much more.

When: Thursday to Saturday, September 2 to 4, 10:00 to 21:00

Where: Atrium Promenada – ul. Ostrobramska 75C

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  • Holi Color Festival. Do we need to write more? The colorful cloud goes up, you can dance, sing or take photos for IG. At the moment, it is probably also a kind of an ideological declaration as well

When: Saturday, September 4, from 11.30

Where: Dom Pracy Twórczej – ul. Ptysiowa 3

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5) Picnics

The weather is supposed to be good, so it is worth spending some time outdoors. And if you’re yearning for some additional, but not very engaging, attractions, it’s best to go on a picnic. And we can choose from:

  • Jubilee Picnic of the Royal Castle celebrating the 50th anniversary of its reconstruction. The schedule contains a concert of Bilon and Nowa Ferajna, balloon flights over the Castle, fencing and historical weapons shows, and a free tour of the Royal Castle on a special route leading through the Grand and Royal Apartments.

When: Sunday, September 5, from 11:00

Where: The Royal Castle and Arkady Kubickiego

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  • Eco-picnic in Bemowo. There are workshops on making cards using the quilling technique, workshops on creating eco-clothes from crochet string, outdoor games and activities for children (table football, billiards, fleas, dice games, pieces, skipping rope, hula-hoop, Klanza scarf), and a show of Japanese Kamishibai pictorial theater. During the event, there will also be a book fair and a garage sale.

When: Sunday, September 5, from 11:00 to 15:00

Where: ul. Konarskiego 6

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  • Did you know that a new beach appeared in Wola during the summer holidays? This time, we can come round for a garage sale, where you will be able to sell unnecessary things and buy real gems from your neighbors! In addition, you can relax on sunbeds, there is a place to spread a blanket, a volleyball, food and drink courts.

When: Sunday, September 5, from 12:00 to 18:00

Where: Progresja – Fort Wola 22

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6) Outdoor Yoga

These are the last weeks to enjoy outdoor yoga. Here you will find verified and recommendable free practices:

  • in a park

Park Żeromskiego, Fridays at 17:00; FB event

Park Moczydło, Saturdays at 10:00; FB event

Park Przy Bażantarni, Saturdays at 10:00; FB event

Park Rembertów, Saturdays at 10:00; FB event 

Pole Mokotowskie, Sundays at 10:00; FB event

Park Sowińskiego, Sundays at 10:00; FB event 


  • by the Vistula

Pawilon Fala, Saturdays at 11:30; FB event 

Plaża Rusałka, Saturdays at 12:00 and Sundays at 20:00; FB event

Letnisko Żoliborz, Sundays at 10:30; FB event


7) Fall weekend classics

Weekend classics change with the seasons. Although there is no calendar autumn yet, the days are getting shorter and the evenings are cooler, so it’s good to be able to go inside to warm up. For us, the fixed points of the weekend are visits:

  • in Elektrownia Powiśle (ul. Dobra 42). After all, it’s close to the Vistula River, and besides, at Elektorwnia they know how to organize attractive events. Now, for example, they invite you to the WOW Wine Festival. Two days of tasting, chillout with wine, great food, music oozing from the loudspeakers, a bit of workshop education, and a lineup of wines from all over the world for bargain hunters! On Saturday, there will be also the premiere of the 7th edition of the wine guide “Essential Guide to Italian Wines”, and both evenings will be additionally made more pleasant by outdoor cinema screenings.

When: Saturday and Sunday, September 4 and 5, from 11:00 to 21:00

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  • in Hala Koszyki (ul. Koszykowa 63), because it is close to the city center, Łazienki Park and Pola Mokotowskie. And then, of course, there is a gastro zone. Recently, our favorites are Caribbean delicacies from Buena Vista Social Food. This weekend, after a meal, we will go to the vintage fair. Stylish clothes, accessories, and shoes will be waiting at the stands.

When: Saturday, September 4, from 11:00 to 19:00

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  • in Hala Gwardii (Plac Żelaznej Bramy 1). There, we like to get a snack after shopping in the nearby Hala Mirowska. This weekend, we can also find there a market for plants and accessories for growing. The offer includes house and garden plants, herbs, pots, casings, etc.

When: Friday and Saturday, September 3 and 4, 10:00 to 19:00, Sunday, September 5, 10:00 to 17:00

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