Warszawski lukier and legal cakes

Warszawski Lukier & Legal Cakes –

The Sweetest VS the Healthiest

Warszawski lukier and legal cakes

In this post, we compare two radically different bakeries in Warsaw: Warszawski Lukier and Legal Cakes. One is crazy sweet, the other is super healthy.

Which one do you choose?

Warszawski Lukier

Warszawski Lukier

Warszawski Lukier is the sweetest spot in town, under all points of view. Starting from the interior design, which would be “too sweet” for any other place on earth. The interior matches perfectly with the main product on offer: the “FREAKSHAKE”.

The FreakShake at Warszawski Lukier is a sugar bomb, an eye candy, pure food porn!

In Italian we say “gli occhi vogliono la loro parte”, meaning that the eyes deserve to enjoy the food as much as the mouth. The eyes definitely get their own share of sweet here.  

Warszawski Lukier

At Warszawski Lukier you can choose among several different kinds of FreakShakes, one of which is with seasonal fruit (they have a menu in English). For the sake of the video, which you can watch at the bottom of this post, we decided to opt for the more colorful of all FreakShakes, the strawberry one.

The strawberry FreakShake is composed of: a strawberry milkshake, a donut, whipped cream, three kinds of candies, a marshmallow, and a small white chocolate bar on top. Awesome.

Warszawski Lukier

Warszawski Lukier has also “standard” waffles and cakes. Nice to have more options! 

Photo from Warszawski Lukier’s FB profile

Address: Hoża 5/7, Warsaw

Price: 22PLN

Opening hours:  11AM–8PM (closed on Monday, from 12 am on weekends)



Legal Cakes

legal cakes

“Legal cakes”, on the other hand, puts health in the first place.

It is based on the idea that “there is no need to cheat to enjoy sweets”. A pretty damn good idea! The cakes are baked using healthy alternatives to traditional ingredients so to lower the sugar content and raise the protein content.

legal cakes

The menu contains all the information you need to take a good health decision. Whether you are lactose intolerant, celiac, or you’ve got nut allergy, you’ll find something for yourself.

legal cakes

The healthiest options of all are the Legal Cakes bars, which you could potentially order from their webshop as well. The bars are made to respect the exact intake of fats, carb, and proteins. It’s the optimal choice for those of you who go to the gym and really care about keeping track of your macronutrients intake (without having to cut on the sweets).

Address: Chłodna 2/18, Warsaw

Price: about 20 PLN

Opening hours: 8:30AM–9PM (from 10 am on weekends)

Legal cakes VS Warszawski Lukier, what’s your choice?

If I had to choose one of the two, in the long run, I would probably go for Legal Cakes. But if you ask me to go right now, I’ll probably opt for Warsawski Lukier.

What’s your choice? Maybe the video will help you decide!

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