1) Serotonina: Simon Posford pres. Hallucinogen LIVE

The first historical performance in Poland of the psychedelic trance music legend – Shpongle (Simon Posford) with his Hallucinogen project.

During the party, you can also meet the “After Party” organization that will dispense advice about psycoactive drugs:

– what to consider

– what not to consider

– how to behave in a crisis

– how to check what substance you are dealing with.

You can also test your substances for free. And get free condoms.

When: Nov 3 from 22:00 to Nov 4 at 9:00

Where: Fort Wola 22, Warsaw

Price: 130 PLN

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2) Undercity Festival 2018

After months of preparation, the Undercity Festival is ready. A new indoor festival that combines electronic music with modern multimedia technology.

There will be three SCENES, where international renowned artists will play accompanied by the most modern multimedia technology and dedicated stage design.

Before and after the festival:

Before Undercity: Fatboy Slim

After Undercity: Dubfire

When:  Saturday 3 from 18:00 to Sunday 4 at 8:00

Where: (Torwar) Łazienkowska, Warsaw

Price: 159 PLN

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3) Musical games at Chata Numinosum

Explore all the similarities between board games and music. This is a mix of workshop, discussion and jam session, where every played piece of music will be itself a game.

When experimental music meets modern board game design, anyone, gamers, non-gamers, musicians and non-musicians alike can enjoy the game.

Free coffee and tea.

When:  Sunday 04 from 16:00 to 19:30

Where: Jazdów 3/5, Warsaw

Price: Donation 10 PLN

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4) SKIP the LINE! Populism and promises of modern times – exhibition

The exhibition speaks about the rhetoric of promises: those which can be fulfilled and those absolutely unrealistic; about the wishful language of politics and, finally, about the bitter taste of disappointment when a promise meets reality.

The exhibition deals with the subject of populism – a phenomenon which, among other features, addresses and responds to the needs of “the people.” But who are the people, what unites this group, and how do they articulate their needs? Perhaps, “the people” does not even exist, but then who and why has invented it?

When: Until Dec 1 (closed on Mondays)

Where: Marszałkowska 34/50, Warsaw

Price: from PLN 1 to PLN 10

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5) Breakfast market at the Powiśle Power Plant

The breakfast market moves to the renovated and refurbished Powiśle Power Plant.

As always, you’ll find regional products, international delicacies, as well as a well-stocked food court.

When: Saturday 03 from 10:00 to 21:00

Where: Elektryczna 2, Warsaw

Price: FREE

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6) Roller Disco – Halloween Party

The usual roller disco with a Halloween theme.

When: Saturday 03 from 18:00 to 22:00

Where: Połczyńska 115, Warsaw

Price: 14 – 24 PLN

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7) OK, Fine I’m Grateful: English Workshop

“My name is Debra, owner of Experient Explorer. I have had a severe anxiety disorder for over 2 decades, that I need to maintain with various actions. Sometimes, I still forget to do them, but, I know what works and what doesn’t! Being positive by actions is essential to remedy this.

There will be snacks/drinks and:

– we will have a discussion about our patterns of negativity -start learning how to be more positive by using some tools and activities from the journal, “OK Fine, I’m Grateful”

– ALSO.. learn ENGLISH expressions and ways to speak about negatives in a positive voice!“

When: Saturday 03 from 2:30 – 16:00

Where: Strzelecka 44 / 58 (ground level), Warsaw

Price: 21 PLN

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8) IX Festival of Cheap Wine – concert of the Menele group

Cheap wine and Warsaw Polish folklore music. That would be enough for me.

But there will also be a competition, bring the cheapest wine you can find (together with the receipt) and hand it to the jurors for a chance to win.

When:  Saturday 03 from 21:00 to 24:00

Where: Ogólna 5, Warsaw,

Price: 10 PLN

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WarsAWesome is your Warsaw Weekend Guide:

Every THURSDAY, we’ll publish a post with 5+ super cool events taking place the coming weekend in Warsaw (so that you don’t find out about a cool event AFTER it has taken place!).

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