Craft Beer Walking Tour in Warsaw

Did you know that Poland is the 4th biggest beer-consuming nation in Europe? The consumption of the golden liquid has grown exponentially in the past years and this has fulled an amazing craft beer revolution. At the moment, the number of there are more than 1000 craft beer breweries in the country!

This Beer Tour is an insight into this booming world of Polish beer.

So, is there more to beers than lager? You bet! Which ones are our favorite breweries in the Polish craft world? Can you afford a bottle of the most expensive Polish beer? What are the craziest things local brewmasters add to their beer?

To answer such questions, you will visit 3 carefully selected venues (restaurants and craft beer bars) where you will be treated to a variety of local beers, great food and, last but not least, fascinating stories of Polish beer. Our guides are homebrewers, hop heads or industry insiders so you’re guaranteed a professional yet absolutely friendly approach.

Take a walk with us and you will never want to order a mass-produced lager anymore!

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