When you travel (or when you relocate) to a new city, you can only dream of figuring out the coolest events and the best stuff to do.

On OddUrbanThings.com, we provide up-to-date info about the coolest events and about the best stuff to do in Warsaw.

What can you expect from OUT?

On OddUrbanThings we usually post 2/3 times a week:

  • On Tuesday, we publish longer articles e.g. with roundups of the best places in Warsaw. The best bars? The best pizza places? That’s useful info when you move (or travel) to a new place. Isn’t it?
  • On Thursday, we provide a curated Weekend guide with our favorite events in Warsaw (check out the past editions here). A super cool beer festival? A night food market? An awesome designer market? A techno party next to a lightning generator? Yeah, that kind of stuff is happening all the time. We’ll make sure you stay updated.
  • Here you can find our Independent Guide to Warsaw
  • We are constantly looking for the best experiences in Warsaw.

Who are we?

Federico, Italian from the picturesque Florence. After his ERASMUS in Den Haag, he never really settled in the same place for longer than 3 years. He lived in Madrid, London, Florence, Amsterdam (where he met his amazing girlfriend, Anna), and now Warsaw. He is the main photographer, videographer as well as a copywriter for Odd Urban Things.

Anna, Polish from Warsaw. A true Varsovian. After two beautiful years in  Amsterdam, she decided to go back to her beloved hometown. She really couldn’t stay away from Warsaw for too long. Understandable. Anna is a badass Big Data Analyst (but Federico still has no understanding of what she actually does), in her spare time she is the main editor of Odd Urban Things. 

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