Practice your Archery Skills with 3d Archery Path

3d archery warsaw

If you love to spend time outdoors, this one is going to be perfect for you.

Archery’s popularity has had its ups and down, but its charm is undeniable. Although often perceived as a stationary sport, archery requires a significant amount of strength, endurance, and focus, making it a good option if you want to spend an active afternoon outdoors. 3d archery involves finding 3d reproductions of animals in the woods to shoot at.

The satisfaction of pulling the string and hitting the target is great! Definitely, the go-to place if you want to let go some stress.

Where can you practice 3d archery in Warsaw?

We visited 3D Archery Path in Warsaw and we were definitely pleased with the experience.

It all begins with a quick explanation of the basics of archery. Żaneta, the instructor, will hand you bow and arrows and briefly explain how to stand, how to hold the bow and other quick tips. No prior experience is required.  

After the brief introduction, you’ll be left alone to practice your skill in front of the round targets and then, whenever you feel ready, you’ll be free to venture into the woods for the actual challenge. Along the circuit, you’ll come across fourteen 3d targets (plus some extra ones hidden for skilled archers 🙂 ) that actually look very similar to the animals you would be stalking as a bowhunter.

The 3d targets have concentric circles on their body. If you are going with a group of friends and you want to make the competition a little more serious, you should bring a piece of paper to keep track of your results.

At OddUrbanThings we strive to make your life in Warsaw easier and more exciting.



Want to challenge your friends?

The point system works something like this:

Practical info

3d Archery path is located on the west side of Warsaw, in the district of Bemowo.

Address: Fort Blizne | Lazurowa 185A, Warsaw

Price: for rental of a bow + practice at the round targets + circuit with 12 3d targets is 40 PLN.

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Enjoy your hunt in full respect of the environment!

This is how 3d archery feels like 😀 

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