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Room Escape Warsaw – Where logic meets adrenaline

warsaw room escape
Warszawa ROOM ESCAPE foto Krzysztof Zuczkowski

My hands are shaking and my heart is racing. There is just one puzzle left to solve, my teammates and I are all around it, racking our brain in search of a solution. As I’m there struggling, I can’t help but think that it can’t be that complicated: in a calm environment, I would solve the riddle in no time. But the clock is ticking. The pressure is rising. It’s a matter of pride, we’ve got to solve it in time!

From the screen, comforting words tell us that we are very close to the solution. But that doesn’t help. All the pieces are set, it should be opening, yet nothing is happening. What should we do??

We rearrange the pieces of the puzzle one last time. There won’t be time for another combination, it’s now or never and…. CLACK.

As the door opens, we realize we’ve made it.

What an adrenaline rush you get at the Room Escape Warsaw!

The medieval room at Room Escape Warsaw

warsaw room escape
Medieval Room

I played the medieval room, since it was recommended to me as one of the nicest to play, although not the most challenging (the most challenging is, apparently, the “laboratory” room, but I haven’t tried it, YET).

It was an extremely pleasurable experience, which lasted about one and a half hour if you include the time for a short briefing to explain the rules (stuff like “there is no need to use force to solve any puzzle in the game”) and the time for a short movie (tip: pay attention, it may give you some clues).

The game was actually well thought and the setting was exciting. The room was dark, with reddish brick walls and with everything that you’d expect to see in an old medieval cellar, rats included (nope, not real ones). The puzzles were based on plain logic, team play, and basic arithmetic calculation (which I managed to mess up due to the tension). No external knowledge was needed, as everything you need to know is provided in the room.

What I really liked at “Room Escape Warsaw”, was the quality of the puzzles, which are interactive and surprising, sometimes even scary! I am not going to comment in detail because I don’t want to spoil you a thing, but a couple of times my heart jumped out of my chest because of stuff popping up out of nowhere.


If you are in Warsaw I suggest you go try it! It’s fun, stimulating and unusual. Perfect for small groups of friends or families.

A personal word of advice: when the countdown starts, you’ll think that 60 minutes is plenty of time, but it’s not. Before you know it, you’ll be rushing against time, with shaky hands and a cluttered brain, trying to solve the final exciting riddle.  The time passes very quickly and the whole experience feels like it’s 5 minutes rather than 60.



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