Wine Casino

Wine Casino: A wine tasting? A casino? Or something magic in between?

The Wine Casino is a new concept that marries the emotional universe of a casino with the sophisticated world of Wine.

Presented by competent sommeliers.

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Three Wine Betting games

Sit on one of the three tables, have a blind tasting & bet!

There are many themes available, which may include: wines of France, wines of the World, natural wines, etc..

The tables:

1. The "Colour of Wine" table

RED, ROSE OR WHITE?  Will you be able to recognize the wine colours masked in black opaque glasses?

It seems easy, doesn't it? But when you are at the table competing with your friend things can get tough!

2. The "Wine aromas" table

Identify the aromas of fruits, flowers, spices ... and bet on one of the choices available. Games based on “Le Nez du Vin” by Jean Lenoir.

3. The "Wine's Country" table

Bet on the country of origin of World wines. How to recognize the country of origin? This is indeed the hardest game of the three, but the entertainer/sommelier will help you out with clues and tips.


Additional info

The wine casino is an experience for a minimum of 8 people and a maximum of 35 people.

The wine casino can be combined with the traditional Wine Tasting (so that you get to practice before competing!). Check out the Wine Tasting.



Food: Cold and warm tapas: 11.8 € per person.

Additional wine: 10% discount on everything, 30% discount on bottles.

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