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Everybody knows Polish language is freaking tough to learn.

To help with that challenge, many schools and institutions offer Polish classes for foreigners for free! Unfortunately, the information about them is scattered all over and not easy to find, which is why we prepared something special.

We present a complete list of all free Polish courses in Warsaw, Poland. Find a school closest to your home and start learning today!

At OddUrbanThings we strive to make your life in Warsaw easier and more exciting.

Learn Polish in Warsaw, Praga Płd – Public Library

The Public Library in Praga Południe has the biggest collection of foreign books in Warsaw (you can learn more about it in this article), but they also organize  Polish lessons:

Level A1 (not total beginners): Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 – 10:00

Level A2: Monday 18:15 – 19:45 (non slavic group)

Where: Meissnera 5, Warsaw

For whom: everybody

Contact: [email protected] 


FB Page

Learn Polish in Warsaw, Praga Płd – Migrant Centre FU SHENFU

Migrant Centre FU SHENFU helps immigrants by offering legal and administrative assistance, spiritual counseling and pastoral care, as well as the free Polish language class.

Level A2/B1: Monday 17:30

Where: Ostrobramska 98, Warsaw

Contact: [email protected]


Learn Polish in Warsaw, Śródmieście – Fundacja Edu & More

The lessons are taught by students of “Glottodidactics. Teaching Polish as a Foreign Language” under the guidance of methodologists.

Where: Nowogrodzka 44/7, Warsaw

Contact: [email protected]


Learn Polish in Warsaw, Śródmieście – Fundacja Ocalenie

Fundacja Ocalenie is an active NGO, striving to support immigrants integration, by organizing, among others, the Polish courses. The levels and time of classes depend on the registered participants.

Where: Krucza 6/14a, Warsaw

For whom: foreigners who are above 18 years old and come from outside the European Union but residing in Poland legally and possessing a document confirming that (visa, residence card, etc.)

Registration: via an online form on the following days: 8-10.01.2018, 7-9.05.2018, 3-5.09.2018, 8-10.01.2019

Contact: [email protected]


Learn Polish in Warsaw, Śródmieście – Fundacja dla Somalii

As far as we know, there are no classes at the moment, but the registration might be open anytime soon.

Send them an email and express your interest to make sure you’ll get your spot once registrations open.

Where: Bracka 18/63, Warsaw

Contact: [email protected]


Learn Polish in Warsaw, Ochota – Foreign Language Teaching Foundation LINGUAE MUNDI

Here is an interesting one if you need Polish certification for your school or your job.

LINGUAE MUNDI offers free Polish classes at all levels (A1-C2). The best students will be offered a chance to take a certified exam of Polish Language for free (regular exam price is over 100€).

Where: Kopernika 17, Warsaw

Registration: in person at the above address

For whom: foreigners from outside the European Union but residing in Poland legally and possessing a document confirming that (visa, residence card, etc.)

Contact: [email protected]



Some More resources to learn Polish

If you don’t have time to attend a Polish class and want to learn the Polish language by yourself, you should try apps like:

  1. Duolingo. Free app with a lot of free content. It is easy and fun to use but it lacks grammar lessons and structure.
  2. Mondly. This one is a tip from our reader, Jessica, who said it’s got a better teaching technique than Duolingo. We’ll test it out for sure!
  3. Babbel. The app is free but then you need to pay for the language package. It is very well rated and effective. Less fun than Duolingo but rich in grammar content and vocabulary. I used it myself and can definitely recommend!
    Click here to create a free account.
  4. Rosetta Stone. This is an app as well as computer software. I have never used it but it’s apparently very good and popular.
    Click here to create an account.

Another very fun way to learn Polish is ‘Fiszki’.

Fiszki is a set of cards with words and sentences in Polish on one side, and in English on the other. The introductory pack has over 500 words and costs around 25zl. Besides vocabulary, it also introduces a little bit of grammar as well. I really recommend this, also as a present for a friend.
Click here to buy Fiszki.

Other Polish Language courses and school in Warsaw?

Do you know of any other places organizing free Polish course? Please let us know in the comment! We want to keep this list as up-to-date as possible and will be grateful for all the help 🙂


  1. Craig Peterson

    I highly recommend glossa’s book Krok Po Kroku Polski. The secret is their online website (there is a code at the back of each book). Their online content mimics the book but has more exercises and lets you read and listen to the conversation. I got the book when I start my polish course, but I stopped the course as I found the book was more beneficial.

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