Poland Trade Ban Calendar – Are Shops Open on Sunday? 

poland trade ban calendar

This trade ban is a pain. Especially if you often shop on Sundays.

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In order to avoid problems, you need to remember when it is going to be.

Add this to your Google Calendar with one click

We made a google calendar so that you can import it into your own with one simple click.

All the “Banned Sundays” are already included and (after you add it to your own calendar) you will receive a notification 2 days in advance.

To add the calendar, just 1) click on the link below and 2) click “ ” in the bottom right of the screen.


The Google Calendar

Click    (in the bottom right corner of the calendar) to add it to your own.

Our goal is to make your life in Warsaw easier (and more fun!).

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3 thoughts on “Poland Trade Ban Calendar 2019”

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    Hi Federico,

    would you mind exporting the calendar to an .ics file? This way everyone can import it into their own calendars and this way the days are shown on mobile devices aswell.


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