“DAWN BY WISłA” (Nadwiślański Świt)

Parking was a breeze. As they entered they were admired with smiles from the wait staff. The weather on this calm, Sunday afternoon, allowed them to choose from outdoor or indoor seating.

“Oh hello puppy! So cuuuute!”

The inside felt more comfortable. Less wind, just enough sunlight. The interior felt as though there was an inspiration from the American 30’s. Spacious yet, intimate and collected. The bar gave a sense of cocktail party from Great Gatsby. Splashes of modern lighting fixtures and high ceilings give the daydreamers something to look up while in a daze.

Tablespace or high seating. Four people can sit there. It’s only two of them, so we will sit here. He preferred a seat near the window anyway. She mentioned to him through compliment that this place has the right amount of plant decor. Trees gave a nice touch without distraction. Then the wall of marbled geometry looked fabulous. Probably the most unique piece of the establishment.

Ah, cool! There so happen to be menus right here. Let’s take a look. Hmmm, drink menu separate from food. Great, makes choosing a lot simpler. Design of the menu gives a nice contrast to the table as well. “Sweetheart, where’s the phone?” It’s a perfect Instagram moment. Snap, tag and done. Perfect! It’s in EN and PL. High five Warsaw.

The waiter walks over after allowing us to scan the menu. They were quite hungry though. So she knew exactly what she wanted to order. Ah, yes! The KOZIA pizza. Vegetarian-friendly with a touch of spice. He ordered the burger with bacon and cheese. Fries are a guilty pleasure.

As soon as the food arrived their stomachs were cheering. Placed on a wood tray, the meal gave them a gourmet feel. The pizza was freshly topped with rucola and the burger of course had a shared space with thick cut fries. Salted to perfection. Ah, but wait… He is thinking about ordering another drink first. Wash down the meal before completion. All in all the experience was pleasing throughout the visit. They met the owner, who chose to stay anonymous. Said our thank you, and walked back out into the breeze of Summer.

This is a great place for meeting the family including children to discuss the wedding. A place where a couple can have that conversation before a romantic bike ride. Or that group of friends that haven’t seen each other due to the overload of work-life. It’s all around a wonderful location for an unplanned evening or random afternoon lunch.

If you enjoy a classy cocktail, gourmet meal, and a fresh breeze…this is the place for us.

Nadwiślański Świt


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