The Best 18 Restaurants in Warsaw

Which are the best restaurants in Warsaw? Although this is not an easy question to answer, we did our best to make a list that will satisfy the needs of locals and visitors alike! 

In a city overrun with food options, your biggest mistake would be winging it and entering the first place that calls your attention. You’d risk getting into some tourist trap or just not get to taste what the city has to offer. 

By the way, if you want to eat authentic Polish AND have some fun cooking these dishes, you can join this Polish Cooking Class.

Narrowing down the list of best restaurants in the city was not easy, given the sheer number of top-rated eateries Warsaw has to offer. To make it easier and to give it a logical order, we decided to break it down by national cuisine. What’s the city’s best Italian restaurant? How about the best Japanese? Where to eat authentic Mexican? And of course, where to eat traditional Polish?

In short:

  • Best Polish - Stary Dom (or if you like to cook traditional Polish dishes click here)
  • Best Polish (Old Town) - Restauracja Delicja Polska
  • Best American - Koko & Roy Warsaw
  • Best Balkan - Mały Belgrad
  • Best Chinese -Pełną Parą
  • Best French - No Comment
  • Best Georgian - U TATO
  • Best Greek - Taverna Patris
  • Best Hungarian - U Madziara
  • Best Indian  - Bombaj Masala
  • Best Indonesian  - Warung Jakarta
  • Best Italian - Spaccanapoli
  • Best Japanese  - UKI UKI
  • Best Jewish  - BeKeF
  • Best Korean  - Miss Kimchi
  • Best Spanish - Sol y Sombra Tapas Bar
  • Best Mexican - La Sirena
  • Best Thai - Naam Thai

Map of the best Restaurants in Warsaw

The Best Polish Restaurant in Warsaw

Stary Dom

As the name suggests, this place looks like an old traditional house. The cozy atmosphere will make you feel at home. If you decide to visit, you must try the Tatar, which will be prepared in front of your eyes. Probably the best in Warsaw. Although the prices are slightly higher than average, the quality of the food, the service, and the atmosphere make up for it.

Address: Puławska 104/106

Best Polish Restaurant in Warsaw’s Old Town

Restauracja Delicja Polska

lish restaurant in Warsaw old town

Thanks to the high ceiling, the elegant pink interior and the top location near the Old Town this place one of the best choice for travelers. The prices are higher than average, but the food is worthy. If you decide to go, you should try the roasted duck with apple and cranberry jam. A classic.

Address: Krakowskie Przedmieście 64

Make (and eat) your own Pierogi (Polish dumplings)

No trip to Poland is complete unless you try the famous Polish dumplings. Or, even better, learn how to make them yourself.

The name of this dish probably derives from the Polish verb "to drink", making pierogi the ultimate choice for party food. The class ends with pierogi lunch or dinner, so we strongly advise you to come hungry.

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The Best International Restaurants in Warsaw

Warsaw is a bustling European capital with an overwhelming amount of high-grade international restaurants. Here is a list of some of the most popular cuisines in the world and the best restaurant in Warsaw for each cuisine.  

The Best American Restaurant in Warsaw

Koko & Roy Warsaw

best american restaurant warsaw

Koko & Roy is a New York-inspired, Seasonal New American restaurant and bar in Warsaw, focused on presenting contemporary American food - a style often unexplored in Europe - while simultaneously celebrating local ingredients and flavors.

Address: Wilcza 43

The Best Balkan Restaurant in Warsaw

Mały Belgrad

Mały Belgrad offers Balkan and Mediterranean specialties. At Mały Belgrad you can experience warm, almost family-like hospitality, typical of the Balkan countries.

Bring cash as when I visited they didn’t accept cards.

Address: Belgradzka 4

The Best Chinese Restaurant in Warsaw

Pełną Parą

best chinese restaurant in warsaw

Pełną Parą is a restaurant specializing in dim sum and traditional Chinese cuisine. Because of the bright modern interiors, this place doesn’t look like the typical oriental restaurant. Just wait to taste the dumplings.

Address: Sienna 76

TheBest French Restaurant in Warsaw

°No Comment°

best french restaurant in warsaw

No Comment is set inside one of the towers of the Poniatowski Bridge. If you are looking for authentic French cuisine and a unique, intimate location, this is your place. Make a reservation in advance to reserve a spot.

Address: Al. 3 Maja 16/18A

The Best Georgian Restaurant in Warsaw


best georgian restaurant in warsaw

Abundant authentic dishes, Georgian hospitality, and fair prices make this place a must-visit if you are into hearty Georgian cuisine.

Address: Mokotowska 49


The Best Hungarian Restaurant in Warsaw

U Madziara

best hunfarian restaurant in Warsaw

In this small but cozy corner of Warsaw, you’ll find a perfectly executed goulash and an excellent wine selection at reasonable prices. Tip: give a try to the fish soup.

Address: Chłodna 2/18

The Best Indian Restaurant in Warsaw

Bombaj Masala

best indian in warsaw

Probably one of the most interesting interiors of all Indian restaurants in Warsaw and authentic Indian cuisine. The lunch menu is a particularly good value for money.

Address: Aleja Jana Pawła II 23

The Best Indonesian Restaurant in Warsaw

Warung Jakarta


The Indonesian cook makes this place the best in Warsaw, thanks to dishes that transport you to the other side of the world. The service could be improved.

Address: Piękna 28/34

At OddUrbanThings we strive to make your life in Warsaw easier and more exciting.

The Best Italian Restaurant in Warsaw


best pizzeria in warsaw

If you want to eat authentic Italian pizza - in line with Neapolitan tradition - go here. You won’t regret it.

Address: Świętokrzyska 30

The Best Japanese Restaurant in Warsaw


best japanese restaurant in warsaw

Homemade noodles and fantastic ramen. A Japanese paradise that will make you go back to try more ramen varieties.

Address: Krucza 23/31

The Best Jewish Restaurant in Warsaw


best jewish restauran in warsaw

Great Israeli restaurant that serves crisp falafel and velvety hummus. The portions are large and relatively inexpensive.

Address: Hoża 40

The Best Korean Restaurant in Warsaw

Miss Kimchi

This rather small and hidden place serves delicious and authentic Korean street food served in unconventional boxes.

Address: Żelazna 58

The Best Spanish Restaurant in Warsaw

Sol y Sombra Tapas Bar

best spanish restaurant in warsaw

The best tapas in Warsaw and a Spanish atmosphere will remind you of your vacation in Spain.

Address: Grzybowska 2/16

The Best Mexican Restaurant in Warsaw

La Sirena

best Mexican restaurant in Warsaw

Rough and alternative interior design, great cocktails and the best Mexican food in Warsaw. Too bad that the place is a bit too small and you can have trouble finding a place to sit.

Address: Piękna 54

The Best Thai Restaurant in Warsaw

Naam Thai

The unique flavors of authentic Thai cuisine can be hard to replicate, but this place will be up to your expectations. It is quite popular and it is often crowded, a small price to pay for a blissful Thai dinner.

Address: Saska 16


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