How to get from Modlin Airport to Warsaw center (& vice versa)

How to get from Modlin Airport to Warsaw city center (and vice versa)

The vast majority of European visitors to Warsaw arrive at Modlin Airport,  a low-cost international airport which lies 40km north-west of the city center.

You have several options when traveling from the Modlin airport to Warszawa Centralna:


1) Bus from Modlin + Train to Warsaw (19 PLN) (and vice versa)

The service is run by Koleje Mazowieckie (KM) and the ticket is purchasable online. It includes 75 minutes of travel on public transport in the city.

The bus leaves at regular intervals from the Modlin airport and brings you to the Modlin train station. From there you can catch the first train to Warszawa Centralna.

This option is the cheapest and perhaps the best if you are traveling alone or as a couple.

You will need to plan this in advance.


2) Direct bus (34 PLN) from Modlin Airport to Warsaw city center

Service run by Modlinbus. The ticket is easily purchasable at the airport right next to the main exit.

Best if you are traveling alone or as a couple.


3) Private group transfer from Warsaw to Modlin and from Modlin to Warsaw city center

If you are coming to Warsaw with a group of 5 or more (up to 32 people), you may find it more pleasant and convenient to get your own private transfer to Warsaw.

It can cost as low as 20 PLN (4,49€) per person. You can book your private transfer with the widget on this page.


4) Taxi from Warsaw to Modlin

Taxis are quite cheap in Warsaw (about 3 PLN per km). They are often a good idea when traveling to and from the airport and at night. A standard taxi from Warsaw central to Modlin airport can cost anything between 100 and 130 PLN (23-30 euro).

Be aware of scams. Unofficial taxi drivers target tourists on a rush to the airport. Make sure you use one of the official taxi companies and keep your luggage with you.

A list of official Radio-Taxi companies in Warsaw:

Bayer Taxi           196 67

City Taxi              194 59, 848 88 88

Eco Car System  123456789

Ele Sky Taxi         22 811 11 11

Express Taxi        196 63

Always type the prefix (22) in front of the number.

There are official and not official taxis in Warsaw. To learn how to distinguish between them and for more info please read the recommendation of the Official Tourist Website of Warsaw.


5) Uber and other taxi apps

Uber is cheaper and faster than regular taxis. You have to download the UBER app and follow the instructions.

Cost Saving Tip: Use this code to get 10 PLN from Uber: federicom986ui

Cost Saving Tip: Use this code to get 10/20 PLN from Taxify: PRLR9

Cost Saving Tip: Use this code to get 20 PLN from Mytaxi: federico.mor9

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