FEBRUARY 19 – 21


This weekend looks promising – it should be sunny and not too cold. Moreover, there are some really interesting events coming our way to enjoy both indoors and ourdoors. Whether you are an art-lover, sports zealot, or a pizza connoisseur our list of TOP 7 events of the upcoming week has something special for you.

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1) The Art of Banksy. Without Limits. – a must-see exhibition

The exhibition showcases over 100 works of Banksy – originals, photos, sculptures, and copies made using the same techniques as the originals. Among the most noteworthy are “Girl with Balloon”, “Bomb Hugger”, “Police Kids”, “Pulp Fiction” and “Flower Thrower”. You can buy tickets at the venue, but the interest in the event is so high that it is safer and better to buy those in advance online. If the exhibition isn’t enough of an incentive to go to Praga, you can also get lunch there and gain free access to an ice-rink.

where: Centrum Praskie Koneser – Plac Konesera

when: every day until April 6, from 12:00 to 20:00

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2) Lightshow on Most Świętokrzyski

This is yet another example of how much Warsaw appreciates light art. It seems that the weather will allow for evening walks along the capital’s favorite promenade – the Vistula Boulevards. Should you happen to be one of those enjoying such a stroll don’t miss out on the Wisła-themed visuals projected on the supports of Świętokrzyski bridge.

where: Most Świętokrzyski

when: every day, until Sunday, February 28; after 19:00

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3) Q&A with Agnieszka Holland + premiere of her Oscar-nominated movie

Without a shadow of a doubt, Agnieszka Holland is one of the most renowned and respected Polish film-makers. “Charlatan” – her newest movie is a Czech candidate for an Oscar and it now premieres in Poland. You can choose to watch it either in the cinema or on the Gutek Film VOD platform. In both scenarios, you will also gain access to an exclusive interview with the directress.

where: PROM Kultury – ul. Brukselska 23 or online

when: Saturday, February 20, 19:00 (online from 12:00 to 23:00)

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4) Pizza Napoletana workshops

Cooking workshops organized by Polish Your Cooking have gained recognition all throughout the country. Now all you have to do to participate is register online. Then you will have all the ingredients delivered to your place. Once you got those, you just log in to a platform and the masterclass is ready to take off. This time buckle up and get ready to make a mouth-watering Neapolitan pizza (and a surprise dessert). If you were looking for a fun way to spend the evening with a loved one or for a double-date, you’ve just met our favorite.

If you want to get more Polish Your Cooking workshops, check out the full list here.

when: Saturday, February 20, from 18:00

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5) 2020 in a single frame – Uczta on Mokotów

If 2020 was a picture, what would it look like? Numerous Polish photographers actually faced that challenge and now you can see their responses in Morskie Oko. There will be some hot tea served on the spot to facilitate (socially distanced) conversations about the exhibition. A nice way to spend a Saturday early afternoon.

where: Morskie Oko Park

when: Saturday, February 20, from 12:00 to 17:00

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6) 30th anniversary of Metro – watch the highest-grossing Polish musical in history

Metro is an absolute classic. No other play nor musical has catapulted so many artists into stardom. In the 30 years of its stagings over 2 million viewers watched it and that number is unmatched in the history of Polish performing arts. That should be a reason enough to get your ticket and watch the anniversary edition. A short preview of its biggest hit song is here.

when: Saturday and Sunday, February 20 and 21

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7) Support AKS Zły – your new favorite sports team

AKS Zły has become a household name among alternative sports organizations. They are open to people of all walks of life as long as they accept a fundamentally democratic way of conduct. This club is not about making money, it is about building a community of sports-aficionados – players, coaches, fans. They also have super-dope merchandising. If you want to support an organization that truly is “More than a club”, FC Barcelona is no longer the choice. It is AKS Zły time. And this weekend their female basketball team will try to get back on the winning track. Support the good cause and tune in to the streaming.

when: Saturday, February 20, from 15:00

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