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Here is our list of the top 5 online events of the coming weekend.

1) 18th Warsaw Jewish Film Festival KAMERA DAWIDA


The Warsaw Jewish Film Festival is the oldest and largest event of this type in Poland, and one of the first in Europe and in the world. This year it goes fully online. The films are available on the streaming platforms for 48 hours from the moment of the festival premiere online. Participation is free. A virtual walk in the footsteps of Jewish cinema and film in pre-war Warsaw (Saturday, November 21, 14:00) and the film “Safe in Silence”, following a journey over 5 continents in a quest to demystify a whole family’s identity, seem particularly interesting.

when: until Sunday, November 22 

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2) 15th International Storytelling Festival

This festival hosts the most outstanding storytellers in the world. Their on-stage storytelling mixes real-life and fiction. Sometimes they are accompanied by musicians, sometimes their words are illustrated by actors. Among the invited speakers there are, among others, Mats Rehnman (a pioneer of storytelling in Sweden) and Muriel Bloch (an outstanding representative of the French school of storytelling). An engaging alternative to books, podcasts, and Netflix. Participation is free.

when: from Thursday, November 19, to Sunday, November 22

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3) 5th Nordic Focus Festival

As the name suggests, the festival promotes the culture of the frosty North. It welcomes you to take part in language and culinary workshops and discussion panels. We were especially interested in the “There is only one Moomin mum – about symbolism and universal values ​​in the work of Tove Jansson” discussion planned for Saturday.

when: from Saturday, November 21 to Sunday, November 22

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4) Warsaw classics veganized

This workshop is inspired by Leopold Tyrmand – a writer who captivated the spirit of Warsaw in the 50s in his seminal novel “Zły”. The menu aspires to modernize the author’s and his protagonists’ favorite dishes and prepare them the vegetarian way. So it includes ground marjoram chops, Tyrmand’s pickled pork chops and Bloodless burgers.

If you want to improve your cooking skills or just want to spend quality time with your friends while enjoying delicious food, check out our recommended cooking classes.

when: Saturday, November 21, from 12:00

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5) When does a building become a monument?

Learning about the city, its architecture, and people is a great way to spend an early Saturday afternoon with the whole family. Therefore we recommend not only this workshop, but the whole series organized by Dom Spotkań z Historią. Registration for the event is required.

when: Saturday, November 21, from 12:30 to 14:30

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